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Rainbow of Awesome

4 happy MakerBots a MakerBotting at Modelab

4 happy MakerBots a MakerBotting at Modelab

Four 3D printers lit in three colors printing in three colors of plastic at Modelab.  That’s just pretty.

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Printing to the power of 101

Nophead's plate of Huxley RepRap parts

Nophead's plate of Huxley RepRap parts

A little while ago I asked what would you do with double the printing capacity of a 3D printer.

Here’s a better question, what would you do with more than a 100 times the printing capacity?  Nophead, author of the excellent HydraRaptor blog, recently announced he printed 101 full sets of RepRap Mendel plastic parts over the course of the last year.  He’s essentially also answered an interesting practical question – how fast can a RepRap 3D printer replicate plastic parts under human supervision? 1 While he used his CNC mill with a printer head, HydraRaptor, this hardly diminishes the accomplishment.  Printing that many sets of parts takes a lot of dedication and time.

Now that we’ve thought about what is possible with two 3D printers, Nophead’s achievement raises so many new and wonderful questions:

  • What would you do with 102 printers? 2
  • What would you do with 1 printer and 101 friends who also had printers? 3
  • What would happen to 101 brilliant start-ups if they were each given a printer, a computer, and a pile of plastic?
  • What would happen to 101 brilliant and disadvantaged students if they were each given a printer, a computer, and a large pile of plastic?
  • What would happen to 101 poor villages across the globe that suddenly had access to a printer, a computer, and a large pile of plastic?4
  1. He states that these 101 sets were printed over about 4800 hours, so perhaps 47.5 hours per set? []
  2. The original one plus the 101 children. []
  3. Don’t have 101 friends?  Pssh.  I’ve seen your Facebook profile. []
  4. I think the transformation could be on par with something like the Universal Sheller from the Full Belly Project []
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More than just painting: Blue Tape

Tape for sad people

Tape for sad people

Blue painter’s tape is a lot more useful than it first appears. 1  When you think about tape, it’s tempting to assume something like duct tape is the most useful kind – because it is super sticky and super strong.  However, these aren’t always desirable characteristics.  Suppose you need tape that will stand out against a drab background?  Or that will come off cleanly?  Or won’t be too sticky?

Or you’ve got a Thing-O-Matic or Cupcake CNC MakerBot 3D Printer.  Blue tape is a great surface for printing with PLA and can be very useful when printing on an automated build platform with ABS (but not on our MakerBot Replicator 3rd Generation and MakerBot Replicator 2X 4th Generation models).  It is cheap, easily replaced, and has a slight texture that lets hot sticky plastic grip well.  If you’re having problems getting a raft or print to stick, definitely give it a shot!

  1. Photo courtesy of photonburst []
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