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It's not easy getting that monkey off your back

It's not easy getting that monkey off your back

I busted my extruder board over the weekend and am going through withdrawal symptoms. 12  The new parts won’t arrive for about a week yet and the shakes have started already.  However, I probably have the most ideas for designing printable things when it’s out of commission.  Here a few things I’d like to design and print:

  • A travel tea set – with plates, tea cups, saucers, little spoons, sugar cup, sugar tongs,3 – hopefully designed in a way so that they all nest within one another or stack or can otherwise be connected in a compact portable fashion
  • A travel pirate set – a little ship, cannons, pirate figurines, sharks, rowboats, treasure chests, anchors, sails
  • Crayon molds – triangular crayon molds, molds in the shape of animals, fruit, or lego bricks
  • Modular castle set – perhaps based on the modular dungeon set?

It seems like just about every day there’s something new being invented, designed, or uploaded to Thingiverse that I just can’t live without.  So, most of the time when I’m printing, I’m busy printing the truly amazing things other people are designing. 4

  1. Photo courtesy of madaboutasia []
  2. Fear not gentle reader, if I broke it, I can probably fix it. []
  3. sugar cubes? []
  4. So, really, it’s your fault I’m not more productive… []
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