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High Resolution + MakerBot PLA = Really Pro Stuff

Right before our press conference today to announce the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer, the Replicator 2X, MakerWare, and the MakerBot Store, our table looked like a USB cornucopia. The table was flowing forth with USB sticks.

We wanted to give members of the press something easy to carry around, but you know we couldn’t just toss out a random USB stick. It needed a special MakerBot touch, and in keeping with the spirit of the day, it needed to be high resolution and made from MakerBot PLA. Our designer Jason nailed it. The shape has detailed wings surrounding a MakerBot logo. At the 100-micron layer resolution of the Replicator 2, none of this detail is lost and it all looks amazing, like something you’d normally buy off a shelf.

The stick is also perfectly shaped for the USB insert, which snaps snugly into place. This is one of the reasons we love PLA. When you’re designing at the scale where things need to fit together reliably, you need a material that won’t expand and shrink significantly. PLA is perfect for this; you just get what you expect.

If you’re not already familiar with PLA, check out the new filament page in our online store. You can easily click through ABS and PLA options in one place and see all the colors at once. PLA gives us the chance to explore matte colors like the yellow USB stick in the picture, but also finishes like shimmery, metallic, translucent (like the Green PLA in the picture), and sparkly.

Here’s a nice family shot of our current PLA offering, but watch this space for more to come!

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Beautiful New PLA Colors Now Available

Hey, look at our store! We just added six super sweet new colors, and five of them are PLA. More on that material here, but for now, just dig these hues.

Green PLA, but come on, that’s Leaf Green if we’ve ever seen it. Look how shimmery it is, and start imagining what you could do with this around the holidays. A little backlighting, anybody?


This is listed as Yellow PLA, but we call it Buttered Corn Yellow. Don’t you just want to bite into that? (Note: 4 out of 5 dentists think you shouldn’t bite into this.)


Transparent Blue. This truly looks watery and frozen, so we call it Icicle Blue. Add some chill to your summer. In the sense of cold but also, like, chiiiiiillll.


While we’re getting summery, throw a couple of these flamingos on the lawn, now with the most vibrant pink ABS in our store: Stellar Pink.


Orange PLA. We think this looks so perfect for a pumpkin that we went straight for it. Now might be a great time to start thinking about Halloween designs, and this is the perfect Earthy looking orange for that type of thing.


White PLA. This is a great addition to the White ABS we added to the store recently. The PLA looks a little whiter on the spool, but both make for excellent true-white things. To prove it, we made a set of nesting igloos.

We’re super happy to offer these new colors of PLA for the first time. You’ve seen our designs, now show us what you got. If you’re in the market for some filament, grab one of these and start uploading some good pictures to Thingiverse.


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What To Do With All That Scrap

All of us wonder what to do with scrap plastic, and while the world tackles the challenge of re-filamentizing all those goodies, let’s remember there are good ways to use it. RichRap has invited everyone to make their own art out of melted PLA and submit the photos to his Thingiverse entry.

Here are the basics from his blog, and a few pics, including one version from 2ROBOTGUY.

You will need –

An oven
Baking tray
Aluminium foil
Scrap bits of PLA and any failed prints
Beer – (to help with artistic inspiration)

Lay the Aluminium foil on the tray and place your largest scrap parts onto it, don’t space them too much apart as they will produce a smaller pool of plastic than you would think.

Optionally use some filament to make a round or shaped outer ring to keep all the plastic in if you want a nice shape.

More at Rich’s blog.

All of RichRap's scrap plastic from before April 12

2ROBOTGUY's scrap plastic art

via Ponoko blog

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The MakerBot Replicator™ <3s PLA

MakerBot’s R&D all-stars have been printing up a PLA storm on our MakerBot Replicators and getting impressive results! Last night we did an overnight time-lapse of this skull and it turned out beautifully!


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Secret PLA Repair Tech



Thingiverse user arkatipe recently posted their designs for a “device to repair plastic hangers.”  The device itself is little more than a hollow plastic cylinder.  However, the way arkatipe used this simple PLA cylinder is particularly interesting.

This is intentionally a little bit smaller than the hanger diameter. I’d recommend that you clean it up, drop it in a cup of water, then stick it in the microwave for a minute or so. After it’s softened up, press it on the hanger and hold it in shape until it hardens.

PLA softens at a much lower temperature than ABS and tends to hold the heat a little longer, staying malleable.  Having a little plastic part that can be printed very close to what you need, softened, molded, and then left to cool and harden could be incredibly useful.  It really opens up a world of possibilities.  If there were a particular shape that one could foresee being very useful, you could print up several of them and keep them on hand.  When you’re read to use them, moisten, nuke, mold, harden.

Thanks arkatipe!

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MakerBot TV Season 1 Episode 10

ABS, PLA, PVA, Oh My! In this episode of MakerBot TV we explore the ins and outs of our three printable plastics. Find out what they’re made of and how to print with them. Also hear about the tiny green men that are invading the Bot Cave! Don’t miss this stellar episode of MakerBot TV! Thank you Thingiverse users tbuser for the f-bomb design and gpvillamil for the flying saucer and tiny green men

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More MakerBot Plastics Now Available on Spools!

The Stuff of Invention

Today we are launching the third round of our ABS and PLA plastics as they switch to being supplied on spools in Kilogram weights. The last of our classic colors and styles are now available in both 3mm and 1.75mm filament formats, and some previously unavailable formats are now up in the store! I am happy to report that our crowd-favorite UV reactive “Nuclear” green is now in our classic 3mm format, so Plastruder MK4, MK5, and MK6 3mm users rejoice! Also notable is PLA 4043D filament is now available in 3mm and 1.75mm formats- so hop to it if you want some of this great print stock.

Here’s the full selection of new plastic offerings!

Nuclear Green ABS 1kg Spool 3mm Filament

Blue ABS 1kg Spool 1.75mm Filament

Blue ABS 1kg Spool 3mm Filament

MakerBot PLA 4043D – 1kg spool -1.75mm

MakerBot PLA 4043D – 1kg spool -3mm

Yellow ABS 1kg Spool 3mm Filament

Fluorescent Red ABS 1kg Spool 3mm Filament

Red ABS 1kg Spool 3mm Filament

Check out our full variety of plastics in the MakerBot Store here!

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PLA Support Structure Dissolving Solution from iFeelBeta



If you’ve got a dual extruder in your 3D printer, you’re not far off from printing with support material.  A few months ago our friends at iFeelBeta published the details on their newly developed formula for a solution that would dissolve PLA and leave ABS intact.  As these chemicals are no joke, it’s no wonder that it’s taken several months for them to get the legal clearances to be able to ship this solution throughout Europe.  (It’s basically the equivalent of a heavy duty drain cleaner)  However, they now have BetaSolution up for sale on their website!

Once again, thanks to these guys for being amazing open source innovators and blazing this trail for everyone.  Now that they’ve launched their shop, be sure and buy the solution from them!

Also, be sure and read their safety data sheet and manual before using it!

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Thing-O-Matic vs. Cupcake

One of the more frequent questions people would ask us at CES was “what’s the difference between a Thing-O-Matic and a Cupcake?” We’d tell them about the improved Z stage travel, microstepping, mechanical endstops, etc. but sometimes it’s easier to show than tell:

Thing-O-Matic on top, Cupcake below.

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Completely Printed Chess

Completely Printed Chess Set

Completely Printed Chess Set

Not only have I finished printing a full chess set, but the black pieces are in ABS while the clear/white-opaque pieces are in PLA.1  When I was rocking my MK4 Plastruder2 the 5 pound roll of PLA I had purchased was a sore subject for me.  Given the amount of heartache I went through trying to print with clear PLA, it seemed a natural foil to a black ABS side.

Basking in the warmth that follows a nice big Thanksgiving dinner I played chess against my younger brother, whom I haven’t bested in about ten years3 , on a board made by our father, using pieces designed by cbiffle, and printed on my MakerBot.  After a hard fought game4 with only nine pieces left on the board, I was up a knight, offered a draw, and we shook on a good game.567

  1. Printing a full chess set has been on my to-do list for nearly a year, even before I had an operational 3D printer. []
  2. If you’ve got a MK4 Plastruder, I highly highly recommend upgrading to the MK5.  I could gush for days about my MK5.  You really deserve an extruder like this. []
  3. In chess.  Well, or anything else for that matter… []
  4. With much kibitzing from our dad. []
  5. Call me a coward, but I’d rather offer the draw while I was up, rather than fumble the endgame and get brow beaten by a pawn I forgot to take.  ;)  []
  6. See Allan?  I’m not ALL bravado! []
  7. Now, where’s did I place that printed thimble I keep all my humility in??? []
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