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Spherical Projector by nrp

Spherical Projector by nrp

Spherical Projector by nrp

Thingiverse citizen nrp, duplicator-of-keys, gesture-freestyle-printer, and Kinect-copier-of-people has uploaded another incredible design.  This time he has created a spherical projector using OpenSCAD designed printed parts, a frosted globe, a pico projector, and some hardware.  Nrp, like many others, has been inspired by Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk classic “Snow Crash” as his inspiration for this project. 1 2  Nrp’s amazing write-up and description suggests there’s more than a little math involved in converting flat digital photos of the earth into a pico-projected-globe.  I’m looking forward to reading the rest of series of upcoming blog posts detailing his work.

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  1. Interestingly, one of the creators of Google Earth also cites this book for his inspiration. []
  2. Also interesting, Neal Stephenson’s work “The Diamond Age” is cited by many 3D printing enthusiasts as their inspiration.  Just look at Vik’s website! []
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3D Printer Key Duplication with nrp

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Duplicating Disc Detainer Keys by nrp

Duplicating Disc Detainer Keys by nrp

Thingiverse user nrp has been working on using his 3D RepRap printer in some pretty amazing ways.  He’s already put his 3D printer to use along with a Kinect to print by use of hand gestures.  Since then he’s been working on duplicating house keys and the more secure disc detainer keys pictured above.  Nrp’s website, and the comments that go along with his detailed posts, provide a wealth of information about his project along with lots of interesting links about computer enhanced key generation.

This project and the way nrp uses his printer remind me of the very cool Nickel for Scale project by Amy Hurst and MakerBot’s own Marty McGuire.  How cool would it be to never have to go get keys made again?  I don’t think it’s too much to dream that one day you might be able to put a key down next to a nickel, take a picture or short video, and have your MakerBot crunch out a few duplicates.

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Gestural 3D Printing: Printing Freehand

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YouTube Preview Image

Thingiverse citizen nrp uploaded a Python script that enables a Kinect to track a hand in the air and feed the corresponding Gcode to a 3D printer – a process he calls “gestural 3D printing.”  From the video above you can see how the monitor provides visual feedback for the user while his RepRap in the background mimics the user’s movement.

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FaceCube! Copy Real Life with a Kinect and 3D Printer by nrp

nrp's FaceCube: Copy Real Life with a Kinect and 3D Printer

nrp's FaceCube: Copy Real Life with a Kinect and 3D Printer

I think the Penrose Triangle controversy of last month has definitely proved that if you really want to inspire a maker to build something – show them a picture of it, but don’t tell them how you did it.  Thingiverse citizen nrp cites the Fabricate Yourself project as the impetus behind finishing up his own work on FaceCube.  Nrp put together a great write up on his Thingiverse page as well as an even more detailed background on his work on his own blog.  While the process of taking the point cloud from the Kinect to a final usable manifold and printable STL is a multistep and multi-program process, nrp hopes to make this a one-click solution.

Being able to copy real everyday things is a really cool development.   It may sound mundane, but my favorite use of a 3D scanner would almost certainly be to create replacement parts for broken things – just scan all the broken parts, reassemble in a computer1 , and then crunch out the replacement part.

Then again…  I’d almost certainly use it to mashup real objects.  🙂  Like, um, this mug and this… whistle!2

  1. I’d probably use my new best friend OpenSCAD []
  2. So I can whistle while I work. []
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