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The Race Continues: Automatic (NERF) Weapons

Posted by on Thursday, April 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

You thought I was exaggerating when I said there was a NERF arms race going on? Look here, doubters!

There is an Instructable up for an Arduino-controlled NERF Vulcan. The instructions involve some admittedly crude hacking — like, with a saw — so this should be performed or supervised by a responsible1 adult.

The end product of the tutorial is an automated gun that “will just shoot for 2.5 seconds, stop for 2.5 seconds, and so on,” but worry ye not, as it could “easily be expanded to do whatever you want.” For example, “you could use a proximity sensor to make security system, you could use an ethernet shield to shoot it remotely, the possibilities are endless.”

Endless? I’d much rather the possibilities here be ended. Full of limit. I think it’s an appropriate time to say for the first time on this blog: hide your children.


  1. to an extent []
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There’s An Arms Race In NERF Land

Posted by on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Finally, some after-market modifications on a…Nerf gun!

It may have become apparent to you that we are big fans of printable shooting things here on this blog. Such as superami’s 3D-printed guns and diw08’s Nerf claymore mine. But we’re not the only ones! There are 11 things tagged Nerf on Thingiverse and another 10 Nerfish accessories that come up in search. Incidentally, it looks like this ammo holder design isn’t up on Thingiverse just yet.

This is interesting for another reason, too. The post at CTHackerspace reveals that this didn’t come from an expert 3D modeler. The design started in 2D with some very precise specifications in order to fit the gun, and then did some simple extrusion to make a printable model.

And in case you’re interested, there is a video of the whole piece being printed on a MakerBot. Look at that impressive adhesion to the build platform!

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