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This Post Has Nothing To Do With Feet

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Hands for double sized Lego people by not-so-evil-scientist

Hands for double sized Lego people by not-so-evil-scientist

Awesome work by Thingiverse’s prodigal son, not-so-evil-scientist!1

Let’s give him a … round of applause!2

  1. Why prodigal son?  Well, if you scan not-so-evil-scientist’s things, you’ll note that the first 8 things are all from about a year ago and have sub-8000 Thingiverse ID numbers.  Then, if you look at the last two contributions, both are sub-9000 whereas the latest things on Thingiverse are in the 21,000 range.  I have to say that I’m really glad that not-so-evil-scientist has returned to publish these long dormant designs! []
  2. Okay, I get credit for NOT making the obvious pun there. []
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Detroit Maker Faire 2011 – Are you there?

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Michael Curry's display at Detroit Maker Faire 2011

Michael Curry's display at Detroit Maker Faire 2011

It’s little wonder that Michael Curry, of the Cowtown Computer Congress, was the recipient of an Awesome Award at this year’s Detroit Maker Faire for showing off his Mario Cart racing cars (with remotes!), Christmas Lego men, Bathtub U-Boat, and a Portal sentry turret.

Thanks to Jon Speicher for the photo!

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The Christmas Lego Men of Kansas City by Skimbal

The Great Hall, Union Station

The Great Hall, Union Station

You may already remember Michael Curry, aka Skimbal on Thingiverse, from his epic Cathedral Play Set or his rubber band design challenge winning rubber band gear mechanism.  Well, you’re going to love his latest design – Christmas greeting themed oversized Lego people.  My favorite part is the slide show of his twenty Lego people touring Kansas City.

This year instead of sending Christmas Cards I decided to use my Makerbot to make something unique for my friends. And naturally the project took on a life of its own.

The final result was 20 Lego Men at 4x the normal size. Each inscribed with a holiday greeting.

Before dispatching them off to the world, I decided it would be nice to take all 20 brothers on a photographic tour of Kansas City.

Happy Holidays to all of the Thingiverse Community.

-Michael Curry

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