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A 3D Printed Lamp That Generates Its Own Electricity

What an ingenious 3D-printed lamp!

The lamp from architect Margot Krasojevic is designed as a turbine, capturing the power of the wind with a generator, and thereby lighting itself. David writes at the Ponoko blog that his very windy hometown of Wellington, New Zealand could probably replace its street lights with these. Can anyone second that?

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Enclosure for BlinkM i2c-controlled RGB led by crox

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Here’s a cool one — a slick enclosure for the BlinkM.  The “bare PCB” look is great for the design-chic technophiles, but sometimes you want to dress it up a bit — nice job, crox.

This looks to me like part of a stoplight or railway signal…good stuff.  Are there other MakerBot/BlinkM projects out there?

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Firefly Bracelet!

Firefly Bracelet by neurothing

Firefly Bracelet by neurothing

I love everything about this thing.  It’s jewelery, it’s a bug, and it’s got an LED.  What’s not to like?! While this isn’t the first insect on Thingiverse, it is easily the shiniest.  It’s a four-part print – bracelet, two wings, and body that are assembled with hot glue.  I rather like the contrast in textures created by the different build orientation of the four printed pieces.

As with any multi-part print, I wonder whether this design could be modified to print all of the parts in a single plate and assembled without tools or glue.  Given that the body is printed upright (Probably to accommodate the cavity for the LED, battery, and leads) , I’m fairly confident all of the parts could be arranged to be printed as a single STL file.

Neurothing mentions his plans to sell these at the upcoming Maker Faire in New York.  Just imagine – if this design could be assembled without additional tools or glue, nuerothing could print them before your very eyes, peel the raft off the build platform, drop the parts into a bag with the LED and battery, and send you on your way.  The production of the thing could become part of the sales experience, rather than just a precursor to the transaction.

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