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Holiday Super Sale on Awesome DIY Gift Items

"It's a Through-Hole Christmas, Charlie Brown!

As we close out 2011, we are offering big close-out discounts on well known kits from Sparkfun, Adafruit, Jimmie P. Rodgers, Evil Mad Science and more! We’ve cut prices 20-50% off list; these items are awesome gifts for for all your DIY stocking stuffers. From Multimeter kits to musical instruments, we have great soldering projects or the pièce de résistance for holiday mischief!

Check out the MakerBot Store’s Accessories section for the complete selection! These items are shipping same-day for hyper-fast delivery time. You aren’t too late to save money and still stuff the gift boxes of your loved ones, or favorite geek next door!

Naturally, we suggest overdoing it on the LED themed holiday party decor. Start with these holiday classics.

Sparkfun’s It’s a Through Hole Christmas, Charlie Brown
Evil Mad Science LED Menorah
Jimmie P. Rodgers Open Heart

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Look at the pictures above and then make your choice.  Do you want the Red LED strip or the Blue LED strip?  If you choose the Blue LED strip, the story ends, and you wake up in your bed and believe…wait.  Wait…scratch that.  I’m going to blow your mind in a completely different way.

You don’t have to choose!  The pictures above are of brand new product — a color-changing RGB LED strip! Just use the MaxM RGB led controller or wire up an Arduino to control the cycling, strobing, or pulsing colors any way you want.

Just make sure you keep a firm grip on reality when confronted with all these possibilities.

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MakerBot User Group New York!

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Thanks to all the MakerBot Operators who came to the Botcave last night for out MakerBot User Group New York meeting. We had a blast meeting all of you, hearing your MakerBot experiences and sharing pizza and LEDs!

MakerBot users explored the Botfarm and were 3D scanned and printed with Kyle McDonald’s 3D Photo Booth.  Highlights also included a MakerBot user show and tell, and a demonstration by our first artist-in-residence, Marius Watz.

Stay tuned to the blog for future MakerBot User Group events!

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MakerBot User Group New York – Wednesday, April 6th

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MakerBot Industries will host a MakerBot User Group New York meeting at their Brooklyn based headquarters, the Botcave, 87 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11217. You are invited to the Botcave to meet other MakerBot users, exchange ideas and print awesome 3D objects. Come check out the Botfarm and bring your favorite objects for a MakerBot user show and tell. MakerBot co-founder Bre Pettis will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer.

See what our first artist in residence, Marius Watz created with 2 months of unlimited access to the Botfarm! Marius Watz creates complex abstract forms and structures through generative software processes.

There will Pizza and LEDs!

MakerBot User Group New York

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
7 PM – 9 PM
87 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11217

Subway: B, D, N, R, Q, 2, 3, 4, 5 to Atlantic Avenue – Pacific Street; G to Fulton Street

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Firefly Bracelet!

Firefly Bracelet by neurothing

Firefly Bracelet by neurothing

I love everything about this thing.  It’s jewelery, it’s a bug, and it’s got an LED.  What’s not to like?! While this isn’t the first insect on Thingiverse, it is easily the shiniest.  It’s a four-part print – bracelet, two wings, and body that are assembled with hot glue.  I rather like the contrast in textures created by the different build orientation of the four printed pieces.

As with any multi-part print, I wonder whether this design could be modified to print all of the parts in a single plate and assembled without tools or glue.  Given that the body is printed upright (Probably to accommodate the cavity for the LED, battery, and leads) , I’m fairly confident all of the parts could be arranged to be printed as a single STL file.

Neurothing mentions his plans to sell these at the upcoming Maker Faire in New York.  Just imagine – if this design could be assembled without additional tools or glue, nuerothing could print them before your very eyes, peel the raft off the build platform, drop the parts into a bag with the LED and battery, and send you on your way.  The production of the thing could become part of the sales experience, rather than just a precursor to the transaction.

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