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Turning The Replicator inside out

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MakerBot is all about open source, so for us, the release of The Replicator includes the release of the things that went into it. So, here’s what may be the ultimate Thingalert: The Replicator and some of its components are now officially Things on Thingiverse, complete with wiring diagrams, lasercut drawings, and downloadable models of parts.

So, have at it. The designs for The Replicator are yours to play with. Modify! Redesign! We’re hoping for a lasercut diamond case, since apparently they can do that now — or, if you haven’t got large enough diamonds lying around, maybe an acrylic one? Surprise us.


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Open Source Laser Cutting/Engraving Station from

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The 2.x Laser - Open Source Hardware Laser Cutter

As the Open Hardware movement takes off, evidence of the benefits of this practice continues to surface in projects such as the 2.x Laser project, a 2nd generation open source laser cutting/engraving station created by Barton Dring over at Dring made significant modifications to his first model based on continued experimentation and feedback from participants at BuildLog.net1. His design shifted from a focus on designing-for-self-replication “to a more robust design with stronger metal parts.”

As a result of the efforts of Dring and the community, a hardy DIY lasering tool with a 12” x 20” x 4” work envelop — a tool that would be, frankly, quite dangerous to design from the ground up on your own — shifts from a cool CNC experiment to a low cost alternative to commercial models. At the moment, all that is available is a Bill of Materials and assembly instructions2, but Dring estimates that sourcing the 2-axis CNC elements might cost you $450-$800 depending on your available tools3, with the CO2 laser and power modules costing at least another $400. He plans to resume offering kits for the parts not easy to obtain elsewhere via BuildLog in a few weeks.

BuildLog 2x Laser wiring

  1. A site self-described as “the open source equivalent of the research notebook.” []
  2. prototype parts kits have sold out []
  3. Having a MakerBot at your disposal sure wouldn’t hurt. []
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Printed Laptop Stand by TheRuttmeister

Printed Laptop Stand by TheRuttmeister

Printed Laptop Stand by TheRuttmeister

There are probably about four or five different laptops stands available for download from Thingiverse.  Unlike all of the other lasercut variants,  TheRuttmeister‘s laptop stand is designed for 3D printing!  Don’t get me wrong, those lasercut models are spectacular. 1  But, there’s just something extra cool about a printable version.  Since it appears to be completely modular you could theoretically create a system that would fit any laptop, not just a small ASUS like TheRuttmeister’s.

What lasercut Things on Thingiverse would you like to see as printable models?

  1. The Hokusai wave laptop stand by WillLangford and the Steampunk gear design by ericskiff are my favs. []
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