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We Have the Taco Technology

Posted by on Monday, March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
TacoCopter to the rescue!

TacoCopter to the rescue!

Update:  Okay, so this was apparently a hoax.  I don’t care.  I’m still hoping someone will complete the 3D printable taco delivery system challenge! (Details below)

I’m not sure if this is a real thing or not, but dangnabit, tacos delivered by ‘copters is something I can really believe in. 12  I keep day dreaming about kicking back at an outdoor patio, grabbing some hot sauce with my right hand, extending my open left palm, and having a fresh hot taco dropped in my hand by a little quadrocopter with a friendly Roadrunner-esque beep-beep! 3

Setting aside the realities of ‘copter delivered delicacies… 4  How ELSE can we deliver tacos?  This has been consuming my thoughts since I learned of this site nearly a week ago.

Zip-line delivered tacos?  Submarine delivered tacos?  Hexapod delivered tacos?  Robot monkey delivered tacos?!

Mmmm….  tacos.   9000 internet points and everlasting internet fame to the first person to design a 3D printable taco delivery system!

Thanks to Steve Hoefer for the link!

  1. It’s been a rough month for this gullible blogger. []
  2. If  tacocopter seems iffy to you, there’s a reference to “LobsterCopter” on the page []
  3. I also envision the transaction happening via copter – placing the order by punching a menu ticket, putting money in a hopper, taco delivery, the bill, the tip… []
  4. Guys, if you’re reading, I’d love to see this thing in action!  I’m in San Francisco tomorrow morning if you feel like doing a taco run!  Do you fly out to Civic Center? []
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