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MakerBot Desktop 3.7 | Faster Printing, Better Profiles

Desktop 3.7 Release Blog Header

The release of MakerBot Desktop 3.7 is full of upgrades and new features that’ll streamline and boost your next project. Make sure your download or upgrade your current version of MakerBot Desktop today.


Custom Profiles for Quicker Printing
Certain 3D prints need a little more TLC, and that can mean you‘ll want custom settings that may not apply to all your projects. That’s where the new Custom Profile Editor in MakerBot Desktop 3.7 comes into play. It allows you to edit properties of your print like infill and extruder speed, settings which can be saved as a template for future projects. Quick and Custom tabs let users of all levels create custom settings.

See More, Learn More
Looking to protect your home or business Wi-Fi network? If you’re operating on hidden Wi-Fi, you can still connect your MakerBot Replicator by entering the network name and password into MakerBot Desktop 3.7.

There’s also more data available about your MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruder. Open the device preferences window to get stats like temperature, total print time, and more.

Speed It Up
Help your project along by varying the layer height within a single print. Infill, for example, doesn’t need the same polish as the exterior. When different parts of your model can have different layer heights, the result is faster 3D printing with the same high quality.


Have some questions? Want to share your latest 3D print with MakerBot? Send a message to [email protected].

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MakerBot Replicator Mini | Early Orders Start Shipping Today!

Posted by on Monday, May 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

NOW_Shipping_mini_blog (1)

We are extremely proud to announce that the first MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printers are beginning to ship. If you ordered your MakerBot Replicator Mini early, we’ll ship it out over the next few weeks, and email you as soon as we do.

If you haven’t ordered one yet, order your MakerBot Replicator Mini today, and we’ll get it to you as soon as possible.

Update Your Firmware First
When your MakerBot Replicator Mini arrives, be sure to update its firmware to keep it running in tip-top shape, and to unlock all the latest features. MakerBot Desktop will detect which version of firmware your MakerBot Replicator Mini is running, and guide you through the process of updating it.

It’s Time to Get Started
Head over to the MakerBot Thingiverse 3D Design Community to jumpstart your 3D model collection. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to unleash creativity with your educational, entertaining, and useful MakerBot Replicator Mini.


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Discover Quick Tip Videos!

Posted by on Monday, February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Three new videos have been added to the Explore section of our site! Explore is a hub for MakerBot content. You can visit that section at any time to learn things about our products and get inspired by other users! These three videos include quick tips for people who own MakerBots (and if you don’t have a MakerBot yet you’ll probably still find them interesting).

Watch The First Layer explains why it’s important to pay close attention to the first layer of your 3D print as it’s being put down. You’ll find out how to read that layer and make adjustments when necessary so that the rest of your print goes smoothly.

Print Pausing shows you how to pause during a 3D print and explains why you might want to use this feature. Game changing info: you can use the pause feature to get multi-colored 3D prints using a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer!

Updating Firmware tells you how to upload new versions of MakerBot MakerWare and new machine firmware for your MakerBot Replicator 2. You’ll be shocked by the visible improvement that uploading new firmware could make on the quality of your 3D prints!

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Community Guru Walks You Through Firmware Update

Posted by on Monday, July 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

We told you about our latest firmware release for The Replicator, but there’s nothing sweeter than getting good tips from a fellow user. Andrew Mazzotta has been sharing his growing MakerBot expertise with the world through a series of videos on YouTube (andrewupandabout). In the one above, he demonstrates a great process for updating to Firmware 5.5, and talks about the advantages of using the acceleration feature.

Thanks for the continued great work, Andrew!


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Updates! ReplicatorG 0037 & The Replicator Firmware 5.5

Hey Makers!

It’s June. Flowers are blooming, plants are growing, and The Replicators are updating! Today we are delighted to release ReplicatorG 0037 and The Replicator Firmware 5.5.

The Replicator Firmware 5.5
This new firmware release includes acceleration and updates to temperature control. Acceleration allows Replicator users to speed up their prints from the previous 40/55 mm/s default extrusion and travel speeds to a much snappier 80/150 mm/s. The temperature control changes will make The Replicator warm up faster.  As usual this download is available from our website and via ReplicatorG’s Upload New Firmware wizard, which you can find in the Machine menu. Thanks to everyone in the community who helped us out with this — much of the code for this update was based on Open Source community effort.

ReplicatorG 0037
ReplicatorG is also updated to handle the wonders of acceleration — it now includes special accelerated Print-O-Matic defaults. It also has more robust Gcode handling for T1/T0 toolhead commands, making it easier to use for other slicers.  Speaking of other slicers, RepG 0036 includes Skeinforge 50 as well as 35 and 47, but also has Beta support for Slic3r 8.3 and the brand new Miracle-Grue slicing engine from MakerBot. This allows power users some flexibility in testing out other slicing engines as they tinker and try new projects.

These releases come with a lot of hours of work packed into them. Thanks to Alison Leonard (MB), Rob Giseburt, Julius ter Pelkwijk, Mark Simpson, Dan Newman, Alessandro Ranellucci,  and dozens of other great contributors to our awesome Open Source codebase.

Overall, this release is acceleration-focused, but has a bunch of new slicing engine options for the power users.  That means there’s something good for everyone to play with when they come inside after a long summer day. 🙂

We’re pretty excited for these new features, and we bet you are, too, so we’ve put together a guide to help you get set up. Head on over to learn how to download, install and use the new updates.


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Update-O-Rama: ReplicatorG 0034 & Replicator Firmware 5.2

Once again, like a groundhog on February 2nd, the MakerBot software crew emerges from our den of creativity to blink at the sun and tell you that summer is only a few weeks away. But, unlike our friends of the Marmota monax species, we come bearing gifts. Gifts of software, firmware and shiny new features!

ReplicatorG 0034 Released

Since we last announced a new ReplicatorG, we’ve quietly released a few intermediate versions, but for most users this jump will be from ReplicatorG 0029 direct to ReplicatorG 0034. That jump includes a lot of under-the-hood changes and a few UI and usability improvements. They include: faster two-stage warm-up for printing, new UI for the Bot Control Panel, Nozzle Offset tweaking, alternative preferences system, spelling mistake fixes, updated print anchor code, updated start and end gcode, fixed dual extrusion bugs, skeinforge 47 for The Replicator, new GCode commands, and much more.


To make our Windows and Mac friends happy, we have wrapped ReplicatorG in installers!  And we’ve even made some instructions about how to use them! Sadly, our Linux users are stuck with ye-olde tar.gz installer for the moment.

And more!

After the break, we’ll tell you a little bit about some user interface changes in this new version of ReplicatorG.

Replicator Firmware 5.2 Released!

This firmware is smarter than ever! On some of our first batch of bots, the distance between the Right and Left extruder is further than expected. Replicator Firmware 5.2 includes tools to customize that setting, so your dual material prints can be more accurate than ever. To update your firmware on The Replicator, follow the instructions in the Upload New Firmware wizard found within ReplicatorG’s “Machines” menu.  Make sure you choose “MakerBot Replicator (MightyBoard)” !

Read the rest of this entry »

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Thing-O-Matic Pro Tip: Extra USB Cable

Posted by on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only prescription is more USB cables!

Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only prescription is more USB cables!

One of the coolest features of the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer is the enclosed electronics contained entirely within the base of the machine.  Not only does it help keep the cables organized and electronic bits out of the way, but it makes for a more polished and clean looking machine when sitting on your desk.  Once your bot is assembled, you’re going to be having too much fun making things to ever want to open it up again.

…which is the source of inspiration from today’s Thing-O-Matic pro tip courtesy of resident MakerBot software developer Matt Metts.  Matt suggests running an extra USB cable, A to B, to the extruder board inside and leaving it there.  That way you won’t have to keep opening your Thing-O-Matic each time you want to update your extruder’s firmware!


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MakerBot TV Season 1 Episode 6

Posted by on Monday, October 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week on MakerBot TV I’ll get you acquainted with some brand new colors and my brand new printing partner!!! We’ll also share the scoop on experimental dual extrusion and deliver some helpful tips for using the new Stepstruder® MK7, ReplicatorG 0026 and the firmware update v3.0.

Thanks to Ben Rockhold and Ethan Hartman for your help this week. As well as Alan Bjorklund, Goto80 and Latché Swing for the music.

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New Makerbot software release! ReplicatorG 0026 and Firmware 3.0!

ReplicatorG 0026, Firmware 3.0 and Tigers, Oh My! Ok, ok. I admit, tigers may be a bit of exaggeration. ReplicatorG 0026 and Firmware 3.0 are now available for all users, in a handy download package, or directly from our source code repositories. This includes a lot of updates, better GCode profiles for the new Mk7 Steptsruders®, and a plethora of bug fixes.

What new about ReplicatorG 0026 ?

Most importantly, ReplicatorG has been updated to include an Stepstruder® Mk7 profile. This makes it easy to get excellent prints out of a Mk7. The Mk7 specific profile means filament control has been optimized for cleaner, better prints overall. And along the way a lot of bugfixes have made it into ReplicatorG, including better panels, updated commands, and easier logging.

What’s new about Firmware 3.0?

The Firmware 3.0 codebase has been cleaned up and extended to support multiple extruders. The firmware is more stable, and power users can more easily build and test variations of it. As always you can upgrade your firmware from Machine | Upload new firmware… in ReplicatorG.

Unfortunately, we had to change some of the core firmware to do that. That means you need to update Extruder Controller (to 3.0) Motherboard (to 3.0) and ReplicatorG (to 0026) together when you upgrade.

What else do I need to know?

Firmware 3.0 requires ReplicatorG 0026 to run.  Also, we’ve renamed a number of machine drivers for clarity, so you’ll probably need to re-select your driver in the Machine menu when you first start up.

Firmware 3.0 Support:

As always, we love to watch and help Makerbot users to upgrade, tweak, and innovate. Unfortunately, we can’t support every single variation of bot out in the wild.
Makerbot pledges full support for ReplicatorG 0026 and Firmware 3.0 on our most popular bot configurations:

  • Gen3 Electronics (Cupcake) with Mk5 Plastruder
  • Gen4 Electronics (Thing-o-Matic) with Mk5 Plastruder
  • Gen4 Electronics (Thing-o-Matic) with Mk6 or Mk7 Stepstruder®

If you are using some other configuration, we’ll do our best to help, but we cannot promise that we can solve your problems.  Tread carefully before updating your firmware to 3.0 if you’re running a custom configuration!

Thanks to all-star developers Adam Meyer, Matt Metts, Koen Kooi, Noah Levy, Marius (and new MakerBot developer Far McKon! -ed.)  for their hard work and great code.

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