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Universal Construction Kit – Use All The Pieces!

Posted by on Monday, March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
The Universal Construction Kit by Free Art & Technology

The Universal Construction Kit by Free Art & Technology

First, I have to let you know that nothing I can say in this meager blog post will come close to the amazing stuff you’ll read over at the Free Art & Technology (F.A.T.) blog about this project. 1 They have put together and released under an open source creative commons license a kit comprised of 80 interoperable pieces that will allow 10 different building toys to be used together.  You can pick up their designs on Thingiverse or all the files as a Torrent or Zip from their website.

I grew up with several different kinds of building toys – Duplo, Lego, and my personal favorite, the now defunct Construx.  Since my siblings and I each had our favorites, sharing was never a problem.  My mind boggles at the disagreements and amazing collaborations that would have ensued if a universal construction kit had been available when I was a kid.

This is easily one of the finest things ever shared on Thingiverse – Free Art & Technology, I salute you!

  1. You can check out the full sized poster through F.A.T’s original post and PDF. []
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