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Action Chess By Cymon: It Works!

World, you need to be following the developments of Joe, who is now a fully fledged MakerBotter.

Joe, or Cymon on Thingiverse, was the winner of the Tinkercad Chess Set Design competition, for which we awarded him The Replicator.  And now he’s on the way toward making his famed Action Chess set!


As you can see, the sweet thing about this chess set is that the pieces are designed to assemble into this chess giant. Now that Joe has had a chance to test his design, he’s reporting success! The pieces do in fact assemble, but he says there’s a bit of calibration and fine tuning left.

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Tinkercad Chess Set Design Contest: We Have A Winner!

Posted by on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

This past Monday was the close of another very successful design challenge, for which MakerBot collaborated with Tinkercad to find the best original chess set that could be printed on a 3D printer. As a reward, the runners-up will receive printed versions of their designs, while the big winner gets a MakerBot Replicator!

Briefly, the guidance was as follows:

  • Wow us
  • Make it 3D printable
  • Make it kid and granny friendly


We’re going to echo the sentiment of our Tinkercad pals: this was a tough call! The ingenuity shown by the entrants was impressive and surprising. And plentiful! All together, in the two short weeks that the contest ran, there were over 180 submissions. Wowza.

The sets ranged from beautiful modified versions of classic piece designs to highly abstract creations, with several simple and elegant ideas in between. You can go find your own favorites on our Pinterest board dedicated to these chess sets, but here are the winners as announced on Tinkercad’s blog!


Honorable Mentions

Fifth Runner Up

Word Play Chess by gecgooden

Word Play Chess by gecgooden


Fourth Runner Up

Modern Chess by Frederic

Modern Chess by Frederic


Third Runner Up

Evolution of Chess by dutchmogul

Evolution of Chess by dutchmogul


Second Runner Up

Amsterdam House Chess by MakeALot

Amsterdam House Chess by MakeALot


First Runner-Up

Tiki Chess by Whystler

Tiki Chess by Whystler


Grand Prize Winner

Action Chess by cymon

Not only are the pieces in this set identifiable yet original, they combine into an impressive conquering giant. Cymon played with the fittings to get them right, and the result is phenomenal. We can’t wait to ship him his new MakerBot Replicator! You can see more of cymon’s inspiring design work on his Thingiverse page. But for now, just feast your eyes on this chess set, and print a couple for yourself!

Action Chess by cymon


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Action Chess by Cymon

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Action #Chess by Cymon

Action #Chess by Cymon

Thingiverse citizen Cymon has entered the TinkerCAD Chess Set Design Challenge with a bang.  This Voltron-esque creation combines all 16 specially designed chess pieces per side into a single robotic behemoth.  As always, this contribution to Thingiverse only got better with people printing the pieces, trying to assemble the robot, providing feedback, and with further revisions by Cymon.  The benefit to all is clear – even those without a 3D printer can benefit from collaborations through Thingiverse.  Way to go Cymon!

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Cthulhu mini – Lovecraft Collection

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Ahh, mid-February.  The week we all turn our thoughts to love.  And here we have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift — an adorable Cthulhu figurine!  What better way to celebrate an ersatz holiday popularized by Chaucer than with a Lovecraftian gift?

This design even comes with a lullaby you can sing with your beloved:

Rock-a-bye Cthulhu, In R’lyeh deep.
Dead you may be, or only in sleep.
When you awake, the madness will fall

Romantic, right?  cymon‘s significant other sure is a lucky one.  The only thing you’ll have to worry about it setting the bar too high for next year!

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