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Heart-Shaped Candy Dish by Bradley

"Do you enjoy warm candy?"

"Do you enjoy warm candy?"

This just looks like an instant classic to me.  There are just a few things that people always like to print – MakerBot coins, bottle openers, Pink Panther women, heart-shaped boxes, to name a few.  Bradley’s Heart-Shaped Candy Dish looks like a real contender to me.  It’s simple, pretty, and functional.

Although, I just can’t help but think of a robot asking me, “Do you like warm candy?123

[ thing=8594]
  1. Because, you see, the plastic and automated build platform would be kind warm. []
  2. I kinda lied.  I was really thinking of a Dalek asking me “DO YOU LIKE WARM CANDY?” but I didn’t want to go there. []
  3. Um, I guess I just did. []
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