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Visit the MakerBot BotFarm @ SIGGRAPH 2012 Studio in Los Angeles

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MakerBot will be participating in the SIGGRAPH Studio again this year, Sunday August 5th through Thursday August 9th, in downtown Los Angeles. Each year since 1974, tens of thousands of amazing artists, designers, and computer graphics professionals head to the annual SIGGRAPH (short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques) conference and expo to catch demos and talks featuring the bleeding edge of computer graphics and interactive technology.

The Studio is a section of the event where attendees can roll up their sleeves and take a test drive of the best tools in the biz. MakerBot will be bringing a sizable eight Replicator BotFarm and most of our newest colors with us to the event which will mean that a lot of visitors will get a chance to print out loads of items from Thingiverse as well as original work.

What’s new this year: the BotFarm will be partially staffed by the outstanding MakerBot Operators from the Greater Los Angeles Area, including Theron, TeamTeamUSA, and a few volunteers from CRASHspace and art toy professional Dave Bondi. Wanna help us out? Drop a message to “griffin at makerbot dot com” by Saturday at midnight with your cell number, a message about your level of MakerBot experience, your availability for the Studio, and your favorite object from Thingiverse. The SIGGRAPH Studio BotFarm Wants You!

Speaking of friends getting together at the booth, the staff who went last year were deeply impressed with the level of talent from visitors to the booth — including the modeler who shared a picture-perfect Yoda Bust that MakerBot Operators print frequently all over the world. What will be the next Thingiverse hit to come out of our SIGGRAPH Studio BotFarm? Bring your files with you and we’ll check your work out!

Here’s where to find us!

Room 150-152, 153A
Sunday, 5 August noon – 5:30 pm
Monday, 6 August 9 am – 5:30 pm
Tuesday, 7 August 9 am – 5:30 pm
Wednesday, 8 Aug 9 am – 5:30 pm
Thursday, 9 August 9 am – 1 pm
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“Inside MakerBot”

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Hit the play button on the video above for a behind the scenes look inside MakerBot Indstries courtesy of Business Insider. The crew got some great footage of Bre in the BotFarm before heading to the Botcave to see where MakerBots are built, tested, and shipped. You may even recognize some familiar faces from previous blog posts!

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MakerBot Workshop Tech Needed

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At the heart of the MakerBot Workshop bustles a very special cluster of machines — a ring of fifteen to twentyMakerBots(3D printers) called the BotFarm. These machines are each tuned to fabricate a tremendous array of objects, seven days a week — projects like artwork for Laurie Anderson, covers for Time Out New York, window displays for the New Museum, props for the Colbert Report, cutting edge DIY toys for our distributors, secret machines for our collaborators, and 3D printed robot mascots for video production.  The MakerBot Workshop Technician is responsible for keeping the BotFarm functioning productively, while wrangling the many print projects that must be completed.

While we prefer to work with current MakerBot Operators with prior experience operating MakerBots, we welcome anyone who can make a case for experience repairing, operating, maintaining, and optimizing other equipment: DIY projects, carpentry, RC cars/planes/quadrocopters, robotics, puppetry, stopmotion animation, fine art presses, motion picture cameras, photo printing, silkscreening, industrial machinery, packaging machines, for example. What machines do you love working with and how have you kept them humming along in perfect working order?

Check out our job description for further details!

No phone calls, please. Please submit your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to hiring (at)

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The MasterPrints of Thingiverse at World Maker Faire 2011

On Thingiverse, we each play a number of roles — modeler, maker, curator, cheerleader, and printer. At World Maker Faire this coming weekend (Sept 17th-18th), the MakerBot booth will be showcase some of our favorite designs from Thingiverse on our display table and printing on the BotFarm. This satisfies the first three categories.1

So what about great MakerBot Operator masterprints that we all “coo” over on the “Whose Making What” parade?

If you have a print you are particularly proud of and want to donate to us for the Faire, bring it up to our booth and check it in with one of our “RaceWay Pit Crew” staffers. We will place your object on our display table (or within the Raceway set per your request) and tag it with the Thingiverse item number and your name as printer.

Just to make sure, you should upload a snapshot of your print to Thingiverse as an “I Made One” to preserve the memories. While we will keep these items out of the hands of our visitors, the exuberance of visitor’s love for our booth has been known to clear us out.2

Some examples of masterprints that will be on display include TheMakerGuy‘s print of Webca’s 3D Printed Full Sized MakerBot3 and Skimbal‘s & Tbuser‘s prints of some of their own designs.

When we get back from Maker Faire we will unpack our collection of prints and rebuild the MakerBot Workshop Trophy  Case, opposite the recently expanded BotFarm. Your masterprints will be labeled and added to our display!

  1. And we are bringing our racing pompomps for the fourth. []
  2. Where or where did our brass Stanford bunny go? []
  3. His son Elliot, recently on MakerBot.TV, is not afraid to take up our Sword of Omens to defend his dad’s week-long print []
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Teen MakerBot Prototyping Workshops at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

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YouTube Preview Image

You might remember a few weeks ago when we announced that the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, had acquired a Thing-O-Matic. Well, registration is now open for a FREE Cooper-Hewitt workshop for teens, focused on prototyping with a MakerBot. Starting on April 30th, the workshop will consist of five hands-on sessions led by MakerBot’s Matt and Mike: four at Tekserve, with a fifth hosted by MakerBot in the BotCave and BotFarm for final prints and critiques.

For more information, take a look at the Cooper-Hewitt posting for the series here. Very limited slots, so register quickly!

Workshop participants will learn to:

  • Design and print prototypes in 3-D.
  • Use 3-D apps like RhinoBlender and brand-new Tinkercad. (We are going to tune our choices a bit based on experience of teens participating.)
  • Assemble, modify, and troubleshoot Makerbot hardware and software.

Mike and I are looking forward to team teaching this series. Also, we will be sharing our curriculum, tips & tricks, and student models-in-progress with the MakerBot community here and at Thingiverse for those of you who don’t live in NYC and will miss out on this opportunity.

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Robot Hospital Episode 7: A MakerBot BotFarm Domeraising Mini-Doc

YouTube Preview Image

As a special treat this week while we compile and film follows up to your questions from earlier in the week, we share a quick mini-doc featuring a project MakerBot Operator Michael Felix created with the assistance of the MakerBot BotFarm and MakerBot BotFarm guru Herb Hoover.

Michael, “Principal of Effalo,” was commissioned to create a gigantic geodesic dome for a high-energy music video directed by Emily Wormley for the song “Fireball” from upcoming album “Flux Outside”1 from the band Royal Bangs. MakerBot Operator community members Mark CohenAaron Double, and MakerBot staff members Herb Hoover, Keith Ozar, and David Neff helped Michael print and assemble what has to be, to date, the largest thing build mostly from MakerBot printed parts to date.

UPDATE: Rumors have it that this dome will find its way into the luggage of the MakerBot team heading over to MakerFaire Bay Area 2011. And Matt, who created the first video, already has a draft going for a supplementary video going into more of the practical how-to elements so you can build your own geodesic domes….

  1. which probably raises different associations for this readership than elsewhere []
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MakerBot User Group Challenge #1 Has Ended!

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Thanks to all the MakerBot User Groups who have completed Challenge #1!

User Groups as far away as New Zealand have met the challenge by meeting up and bringing their MakerBots together.  We enjoyed seeing your bots, faces and secret laboratories. Check your mailboxes because your MakerBot Care Package will be arriving soon! The fun doesn’t end here; MakerBot Industries will host a MakerBot User Group New York meeting at their Brooklyn based headquarters, the Botcave. You’re invited to visit the Botcave to exchange ideas, check out the Botfarm and print some awesome things. Bring your best objects for a MakerBot User show and tell and, of course, a group photo!

MakerBot User Group New York
Wednesday, April 6, 2011
7 PM – 9 PM
87 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11217

Subway: N, R to Atlantic Avenue – Pacific Street; G to Fulton Street

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We better keep an eye on these guys…

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Robot armies for peace

Robot armies for peace

Unfortunately, I have never been to the ‘Botcave, MakerBot headquarters, or the general vicinity of either.  So, I learned about MakerBot’s Botfarm comprised of sixteen MakerBots at the same time you did.  Sixteen MakerBots!  After reading about the MakerBot build party at NYC Resistor, I figured they might have plans for a four ‘bot farm, maybe five.  Eight if they were going to be ridiculously extravegant.  But sixteen? 1

Perhaps most cryptic and ominous was Bre’s tweet on Tuesday:

Thanks, stay tuned! 😉 RT @kwiens: @bre Wow, you guys are on a roll! That’s my two biggest requests knocked off in two days.

Clearly they have some designs for such production capacity in the form of Makerscanner kits.  But they don’t need sixteen ‘bots with automated build platforms cranking out parts to meet the entire world wide demand for Makerscanner parts.

Sixteen!  What hubris!  For $20,000 you could get one commercial grade 3D printer or you could have a ‘Botfarm sixteen strong equipped with MK5 plastruders and Automated Build Platforms.  The largest internal build volume for any commerical 3D printer I can find online is about 6000 cubic cm.  A MakerBot has about 1300 cubic cm of build space. Thus, a ‘Botfarm sixteen strong has about 22% of the commercial printer.

Importantly, that’s not the only metric.  I don’t know how fast a commercial printer is, but let’s assume for the sake of argument it is twice as fast as a MakerBot. 2  That still means a ‘Botfarm could crank out parts eight times faster than a commercial printer.34

What in the world could they need that kind of raw production capacity for?  I don’t know what they have planned for the ‘Botfarm, but it is either going to be awesome or apocaplytic.

  1. Photo courtesy of camerondaigle []
  2. I suspect a commerical printer using FDM tech isn’t going to be that much faster than a MakerBot, but I’ve got nothing to support this guess. []
  3. Not to mention at about 1/5 the cost of plastic. []
  4. For those of you interested in such things, imagine their ‘Botfarm churning out all the parts for a RepRap every 90 minutes. []
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