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Bookends for Makerbot Busts. by Thaed

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Laurie Anderson Bookends

Have you printed dozens of heads from our New York Notables series?  Guess what: Thingiverse modeler Thaed has created a clever new use for them.  Bookends!  Now, instead of being constrained to the hidebound bookend-bust choices of yore, the Aristotles and Kierkegaards of your parents, you can print exciting, modern-day media stars like Cory Doctorow or Ronen Verbit!  Thaed (and family) have chosen living legend Laurie Anderson.

The story behind Thaed’s desire to create these bookends is also worth a read.  Kudos for creating a helpful, stress-reducing household necessity.

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Renegade Robots

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@bre asked:

What are the subversive things you could imagine printing on a MakerBot? #subversivemanufacturing

My vote?



Photo courtesy of LincolnStein.

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