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Art Info Says 3D Printing Is Shaping the Future

Posted by on Friday, March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Art Info wrote a very cool piece on what 3D printing means, not only for artists and designers, but for everyone in the world. The article featured MakerBot’s collaboration with fashion designer, Asher Levine, who describes how 3D printing makes prototyping easier:

“The fashion industry is stuck in this archaic method of manufacturing, while we’re on the cusp of a new method,” Levine told us. He also let us in on a secret: “I can’t sketch sunglasses.” Instead, he molded models from clay and subtly tweaked the designs using a CAD program — “move this in a bit, move this out a bit, make it a quarter-of-an-inch shorter” — input them into his Replicator, and had a revised version in just nine hours — more quickly, efficiently, and cheaply than the traditional method. The machine took the design and extruded melted ABS plastic through a nozzle onto a platform, building the sunglasses layer by layer via FDM (think ’90s, line-by-line dot-matrix printers, but in three dimensions). Thanks to Thingiverse, Makerbot’s open source website, you can actually download Levine’s designs and make them at home — the only catch is that it’s BYOMB. Bring your own MakerBot.”

The writer also paid a visit to Material ConneXion’s and the article includes a slideshow of 3D-printed objects from the Print/3D exhibition.

Read the full article here!

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Builders and Testers of The MakerBot Replicator

Posted by on Friday, February 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
YouTube Preview Image

A pride of ten mighty MakerBot Replicators have been striding about the country since mid January. And my, have they been busy:

But there remains a public debut that we at MakerBot are even more excited about: the shipping launch of pre-sale MakerBots out to our most eager and enthusiastic MakerBot Operators so far. A sprinkle of hundreds and hundreds of new and veteran Operators across six continents1 who have seen what our new machines can do and are eager to invite The Replicator into their homes, schools, and businesses.

To make this tremendous boost of productivity possible, the entire MakerBot team has been leveling up. We’ve been adding staff, training and encouraging each other, and turning our Brooklyn facilities inside out to accomodate all of the new moving parts necessary to make our Replicator launch the smoothest MakerBot BotLaunch of all time.

I’d like to introduce you to a team of real heroes — the men and women working full-tilt to make the launch of The MakerBot Replicator as a fully-assembled kit a reality. A team that germinated from Colin’s one-man Fully-Assembled Thing-O-Matic operation a year ago into a deeply-integrated Productor/BotBuilder/Tester commando task force today. A task force laboring deep in the belly of the BotCave like a team of tough-as-nails sandhogs moving the earth under Manhattan.

Our machines have the word “Brooklyn” laser-etched into the back left corner, just above the unique MakerBot serial number: a real point of pride for our Brooklyn-based company. If you have ever had any question as to why that word is there, here’s your answer: our robots are assembled, tested, and shipped by a crew of remarkable humans, right here in Brooklyn, New York.

Watch Annelise’s video and then check out this slideshow for more portraits of some of the heroes of MakerBot.

[flickrslideshow acct_name=”makerbot” id=”72157629351609451″ width=”700″]

  1. Antarctica, we have our eye on you. []
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What the Press are Saying About Asher Levine + MakerBot

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The press are weighing in on MakerBot’s NYFW collaboration with Asher Levine…

CNN’s Laurie Segall says “3D printed glasses are Fashion Week’s hottest accessory” – Read the article

MTV Style exclaims “Yay, 3D printing for everyone!” – Read the article

BlackBook Magazine calls The Replicator a “highlight of the show” – Read the article ponders, “Can 3-D printers revolutionize fashion?” – Read the article

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Videos from Asher Levine and MakerBot’s Fashion Week NY Collaboration

Posted by on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

You’ve seen the photos from fashion designer Asher Levine’s Fashion Week NY presentation, now you can watch the video (above, shot by Matt Schaff). It’s almost like you were there!

MakerBot’s latest artist in residence showed off his Fall/Winter 2012 collection, including those awesome sunglasses printed on the MakerBot Replicator, at Jefferson Market Library last Friday. We weren’t lying when we said The Replicators were hired as models for the show!

Levine also created a short promo film for the collection, shot by director and photographer, Bon Duke, which you can view below. Who knew a MakerBot could look so glamorous?

Check back later this week for Asher Levine’s page on Thingiverse where you’ll be able download and print your own designer sunglasses!

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Fashion Designer Asher Levine Launches MakerBotted Sunglasses at New York Fashion Week

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[flickrslideshow acct_name=”makerbot” id=”72157629271674639″ width=”700″]

Last night at Jefferson Market in Manhattan, a lucky New York Fashion Week crowd caught a glimpse of the upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 collection of MakerBot’s latest artist-in-residency collaborator, fashion designer Asher Levine.

Levine — known for his designs for Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, and Bruno Mars — has been working with MakerBot to create custom-made sunglasses to be printed on the MakerBot Replicator, and models were wearing these unique fabrications at the event. This collaboration marks the first time that a designer will be offering a piece from a collection to the public via an open-source download through Look for the sunglasses on early this week!

What’s more, this also marks the first time in history that a MakerBot Replicator has itself participated as a runway model. Three of our most svelte Replicator prototypes printed away, broody and glamorous, at the feet of the other fashion models while tightly-packed guests and media snapped photos and clamored for interviews with Asher Levine and Bre Pettis. MakerBots also played a role in the music played at the venue — DJ Jet Black built beats from MakerBot Sound Library #001 into a distinctive all-MakerBot soundtrack for the evening (Check out the track here).

Thanks to Annelise for great shots of the MakerBotted glasses in action. Special shout-out also to MakerBot’s Elliot Cohen for creating the digital model for the glasses and Art Evangelist Michelle Zatta for putting several weeks into fabricating them.

BREAKING NEWS: Check out the MTV Style coverage of the event here!

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