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Top 10 Last Minute 3D Printable Halloween Costumes

Posted by on Monday, October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
Lightsaber for a 2-year-old by bryanduxbury

Lightsaber for a 2-year-old by bryanduxbury

If Halloween has snuck up on you this year, there’s still time for a costume – especially if you have a MakerBot 3D printer!  Check out these awesome and quick to print costumes:1

  1. A Mustache.  Sometimes all you need for a little bit of anonymity is a simple disguise – such as a mustache.  There are at least a dozendifferent variations on mustaches on Thingiverse.  My personal favorite is the Mustache Ring for it’s silliness and simplicity.  You could probably print a Mustache Ring in less than 10 minutes.  Bonus points for printing extras for friends who have forgotten their costumes.2
  2. Autobot or Decepticon Ensigna.  Those tricky robots can hide as just about anything…  So why not a human?  Affix to a shirt and proudly display your robotic affiliations.
  3. A demon tail.   With little more than a forked tail and perhaps some makeup, you could be a demonic attendant.  For bonus points, carry around a contract for the purchase of souls and a bag of empty promises.  If a tail is too understated, why not go for horns?  You have your choice of double-horn or the  single horn unicorn variety.  Again, this print might be so quick you could carry extras – or use them to adorn shoulders, elbows, and knees.  These little ghost figurines might even make excellent horns to round out the costume.
  4. A brain slug.  Printed in nuclear green and glued to a simple hair clip, these little guys are a fashion statement, indispensable accessory, and an instant geek-cred costume.
  5. Star Trekcommunications badge.  With nothing more than a communications badge, you’re totally ready for an away mission!  Bonus points for wearing a red shirt.
  6. Green Lantern mask.  The only problem with this printed mask is that in order to get it to conform to your face, you’re going to need to mold the print while it is still warm.  You need nimble fiberglass fingers to do it properly or you risk becoming cast in the title role of an Alexander Dumas or Gaston Leroux novel.  If you’re committed to this one, don’t forget your Green Lanternring options!
  7. Pirate hook.  A hook by itself is very persuasive evidence of one’s pirate-status.  If you need a little more flare, don’t forget the eye patch.  If you’ve still got time before the Halloween festivities start, you could also print up a nifty telescoping tube set for use as a spyglass3
  8. Light Saber.  While there are some really intricate light sabers on Thingiverse, you can definitely crank out this little one for that padawan in your life.
  9. Sonic Screwdriver.  Don’t believe in weapons but do believe in technology?  Me too.  Well, with just this little prop you too can be a madman with a box.4  Triple bonus points for printing your own TARDIS.  If someone points out that it is too small, just assure them they are just very far away.
  10. Arc Reactor.   There are several excellent arc reactor designs on Thingiverse.  If you don’t have time to wire one up, you can always print it in glow-in-the-dark ABS or flourescent yellow.

What’s your favorite printed costume?

  1. I figure most, if not all of these items could be printed in about 15 minutes or so. []
  2. And who obviously don’t own a Makerbot! []
  3. And, a tiny treasure chest for itty-bitty booty []
  4. How could I NOT do this?! []
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