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‘Rise of The Maker Movement’ with Bre Pettis – Watch It Now

Do yourself a favor and check out this fantastic episode of Al Jazeera’s social-sourced web show ‘The Stream.’ Bre joins Maker Faire Africa Co-founder Emeka Okafor and host Derrick Ashong in a lively and inspiring discussion of all things #maker, #hacker, and #DIY – all in the time it takes The Replicator to build the Empire State Building. The panel explores how and why maker culture is shaping the future of industry, development, and humanity itself.

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MakerBot TV is BACK with Season Two!

MakerBot TV is back in action and better than ever!

In this first episode of season two, Bre will walk you through the history of MakerBot Industries. Find out what it was like in the early days when Bre, Adam and Zach were powering MakerBots with massive amounts of ramen and caffeine!

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MakerBot TV Returns on Monday!

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The Academy for Software Engineering!

Budding programmers will soon have a place to hone their craft when The Academy for Software Engineering open its doors in NYC this fall. The new public high school will be dedicated to software engineering, while still including traditional college prep classes. The coolest thing is that students will be admitted to the AFSE by pure interest, rather than grades or attendance records.

Here at MakerBot, we know how invaluable software engineers are to the world, and there is a desperate need for more of them in the job force! We invited an array of software engineers – including some of our own – to the BotFarm last week to share their thoughts on why a school like The Academy for Software Engineering is of such importance to NYC. It’s an incredibly inspiring reminder of how essential technology careers are to the future!

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Autodesk wants you to know how to print your 123d models on your MakerBot!

YouTube Preview Image

Autodesk 123d is one of many freely-available apps that new MakerBot users might consider learning.  And unlike some other programs we love, it looks like Autodesk wants it to be easy to print your models on a MakerBot.  In fact, they want it so much that they’ve just posted the above video on their youtube channel.

It’s a bit long (over 9 minutes) but put it on your list for when you’re woodshedding your 3d-modeling chops.  While it’s specifically aimed at the Thing-O-Matic, most of what they’re saying should transfer to the Replicator.  Just model for a larger build area!

123d is a bit different from other modeling programs, and might be a bit counter-intuitive if you’re used to one of the others.  However, their youtube channel has a number of tutorials and there are some neat things about the project (like an iPad app and a photo-to-model program.)

If you’re looking to pick up some 3d modeling skills while you’re waiting for your Replicator, this is one of many great programs to learn!

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Are you up to date on MakerBot’s newest videos? If you missed the Replicator Music Video or the Thing-O-Matic Assembly Time Lapse be sure to check them out now! And while you’re on our YouTube page go ahead and subscribe to our channel so that you won’t miss the launch of Season 2 of MakerBot TV next month!

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Get a MakerBot TV DVD!

The first season of MakerBot TV is now available on DVD! Re-visit your favorite episodes and share them with your friends in the comfort of your own living room. As a token of thanks to our community we are sending complimentary copies of the DVDs to the first 100 people who purchase MakerBot Replicators™. Get yours today and keep it awesome!

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How Long Did It Take To Build Your Thing-O-Matic?

Colin Butgereit – one of our Bot Assembling All-Stars – has been assembling Thing-O-Matics for customers from the moment we began offering them eight months ago. He’s gotten faster and faster with each build and can currently build a TOM in a little over an hour. If you’ve assembled a Thing-O-Matic on your own you know that this is pretty impressive! Our production workshop is currently in the process of making the switch from Thing-O-Matics to Replicators so we made sure to spend some time this week documenting one of Colin’s last Thing-O-Matic assemblies. With the simpler, cleaner design of The Replicator there’s no doubt that he’ll be building them at top speed in no time.

Also, pay close attention to the music in used for the video. It’s a song made ENTIRELY FROM MAKERBOT NOISES created by MakerBot Support Wizard Mike Battaglia. Check out more of Mike’s awesome music here.

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The Replicator Stop Motion Music Video

We’ve been up to all kinds of fun at MakerBot these days – announcing The Makerbot Replicator, revealing an all new version of Thingiverse, killing it at CES. And now I’m pleased to have the honor of dropping one more awesome bomb on your day – this video!

This all new stop-animation music video was made with Michael Curry’s playset characters and a number of other MakerBot-made pieces! The princesses story was written by MakerBot CEO and co-founder Bre Pettis and the song was written and performed by local Brooklyn musicians Scary Car (Bryan Scary and Giulio Carmassi). It’s fun, it’s catchy, and incredibly awesome!

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