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MakerBot, The Dress

File under: one of those times when various people’s talents spontaneously merge to create something really nice

Subfolder: but only because the tools have been democratized to the point that any willing hobbyist can get at them

3D printing is a part of almost everything we do here at MakerBot, but it is not the only thing. With so many maker mentalities around, other genres are bound to be explored. Two of my colleagues here at MakerBot HQ recently combined forces on a nice project that brought 3D printing on a MakerBot in contact with textiles and fashion design.

One of our talented young team members, Tatyana, had an idea for a MakerBot dress. Why not? The logo could certainly make for a nice print. That’s precisely what one of our other staff members thought. Tony worked up a vector image of the logo in Photoshop, transferred it to a grid pattern in Illustrator, and decided to try his hand at printing the textiles. This step of the process was made possible by our friends at Gowanus Print Lab, the same studio where the MakerBot gift bags came to life. As this was Tony’s first go at screening a repeating pattern, there were naturally some small slipups.

Again, combining talents came in handy. Carina Cid of BlackRabbitNYC did an expert job of cutting the fabric into a dress that highlights the print in the right way.

Enter accessories. Carina thought up some jewelry options, but materializing them required another set of skills. Tony 3D modeled the pieces to make them  printable on a MakerBot and then let ‘er rip. The finished necklace hangs perfectly above the dress, don’t you think?

As Tatyana and Tony are between them neither model nor photographer, they employed two more friends in the project. Those credits go to model Paige Morgan and MakerBot TV’s own Annelise Jeske.

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MakerBot Plays Matchmaker at SXSW

As my inaugural post here on the MakerBot blog, let me share through a picture what this company is all about from my perspective: Love.

Bringing kindred spirits together since 2009.

More MakerBot@SXSW pictures to follow!

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Make Your Own MakerBot Time Lapse

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself mesmerized on more than one occasion by a time lapse of a MakerBot print. I’ve put up a number of these videos on YouTube over the past few months and people go crazy for them. Well it’s now literally as easy as 1,2,3 for anyone with an iPhone to make their own MakerBot time lapses.

I’ll tell you how…

1. Print this iPhone mount by tlrobinson and mount your phone of the front of your Bot.

2. Use a time lapse app (we used one called Frames that was completely fantastic) to capture a time lapse of your print.

3. Share the video on YouTube and send us a tweet about it so we can watch too!

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The MakerBot Replicator™ <3s PLA

MakerBot’s R&D all-stars have been printing up a PLA storm on our MakerBot Replicators and getting impressive results! Last night we did an overnight time-lapse of this skull and it turned out beautifully!


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MakerBot’s Most Adventurous Astronaut Explores CES

You’ve heard about Michael Curry’s Rocket Playset and the MakerBot Astronauts who live there. So you must know that these astronauts love adventure – over their lifetimes they will be traveling to the farthest reaches of Thingiverse to discover the unknown. Follow along on their adventures or take them on adventures of your own.

What lands will your astronauts traveling to? Take some pictures of your MakerBot Astronauts in the wild and show us what kinds of adventures they’ve been having!

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Introducing the MakerBot Playsets: MakerBot Fairytale Castle

As a special treat for CES this year, MakerBot posed a set of provocative questions:

Remember the playsets, dollhouses, action figures, army figurines, and plastic ponies you played with so passionately in your youth? Dreaming up secret worlds — or creating narratives with friends, neighbors, classmates, and siblings?

Well, what if you could produce these tools of imagination with the push of a button? And what if you could roll up your sleeves and invent your own characters, furnishings, and buildings — and share them not only with your children, nieces, nephews, neighbors, or friends, but also, and instantly, with the rest of the world?

Handcrafted dollhouses are nothing new to the serious Maker, but MakerBot is taking steps to make this practice easier and more widely adopted than ever before. For the rest of January, MakerBot and a squadron of Makers will be introducing the MakerBot Playsets to the Thingiverse: 1:18 scale dollhouses as full of imagination and mischief as craft, modeling techniques, and cleverness.

MakerBot’s own design superstar Michael “Skimbal” Curry, creator of such Thingiverse megahits as the Turtle Shell Racers and Gothic Cathedral playset, starts the ball rolling by architecting a pair of MakerBot Playset buildings. Introducing two new Thingiverse superstars: Cushwa and PrettySmallThings are doing a tremendous job furnishing these playsets with their imaginations.1

So without further ado, straight from the soundstage backlot of Annelise’s Replicator music video, The Right Heart, we present you with the MakerBot Fairytale Castle Playset and the Damsels!

The MakerBot Fairytale Castle Playset and Damsels

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  1. We will be introducing new Thingiverse superstars over the next few weeks. []
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Dinobots (or Makersaurus?): getting skulls to print right

One of the most interesting challenges faced in 3D printing is creating facsimiles of real-world objects, things that have not been designed according to design rules that make them easier to print. Animal skulls, and in particular dinosaur skulls, are a great example: full of complex organic shapes, extreme overhangs and bridges, and thin shells. I’ve been learning a lot about printing these, and thought I could share what I have learned.

Three reptilian skulls

I was inspired by the dinosaur skull posted on Thingiverse and set out to look for more. The Digimorph project at the University of Texas has some dinosaurs, but the STL files are not posted.  However, Artect, a company that makes 3D scanners, has posted a very nice high-resolution STL file of a Tarbosaurus skull, on their 3D model download page. It’s the first model listed on the page.  I sliced it in Netfabb, and have posted the sliced files on Thingiverse.

Keep reading for some tips on how to print this object, and other complex organic shapes!

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New Museum Window Featured on WNYC!

WNYC has included MakerBot’s New Museum window in their list of top Holiday Window Displays, Off the Beaten Path.  If you haven’t made it by the New Museum yet, there’s still time to see the Dalek Snowmen, X-Wing Reindeer and Cylon-Santa for yourself — the window display will be up through the end of the year!

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MakerBot Conquers NYC!

MakerBot conquers NYC with the cover of this week’s Time Out New York! Not only did MakerBot print the entire cover, complete with our mascot, R. Maker, taking on a mini version of New York City, but the Thing-O-Matic is featured as a gift For the Person Who Has Everything. We are also giving away a Thing-O-Matic to one lucky reader, to enter click here!

New Yorkers who want to see a real MakerBot in person, or even buy one, can visit these brick and mortar stores:

AC Gears

69 E. 8th Street (between Broadway and University)

New York, NY 10003

(212) 260-2269

Wired Store

4 Times Square (at 42nd and Broadway)

New York, NY 10036

Friday, 11/18 – Saturday, 12/24

Demo on December 17th


Gizmodo Gallery

White Box Art Gallery

329 Broome Street

New York, NY 10002

Tuesday 12/6 – Sunday 12/11

New Museum Store

235 Bowery

New York, NY 10002


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Printable Velcro by Eried

Once in a while an item comes up on Thingiverse that I just have to print. Immediately. Eried‘s awesome fastening system was one of those items. Using raised knobs spaced perfectly apart, this fastening system differentiates itself from the hook and loop system we all know.

By his own admission the system is not yet perfected, but Eried’s got a great start on his design. I’ve printed some out (you should too!) and have had fun testing its strength and the sound it makes when taking two sides apart. Make sure to join the discussion to offer suggestions for improvements and naming!

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