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3D Hubs | Think Globally, 3D Print Locally


Ever since MakerBot started, we’ve been steadily expanding our 3D ecosystem with new features for our 3D printing and scanning hardware, software, firmware, and services. Now, we’re adding a new, exciting partnership.

3D Hubs is the world’s largest 3D printing network, with close to 10,000 3D printer operators. Need something printed? Log in to 3D Hubs and they’ll find you a printer. What happens when the world’s largest 3D printer network and MakerBot Thingiverse, the world’s largest 3D design community, team up? A better experience for users and designers.


Reliable 3D Printing Right Around The Corner
Accessibility is the big idea behind our latest partnership with 3D Hubs. It’s our hope that this collaboration will provide an opportunity to those who don’t yet own a 3D printer to join the growing MakerBot Thingiverse community.

For the launch, we’ve recruited a handful of Thingiverse power users to make their designs available for easy printing. Just look for the “Print with 3D Hubs” button on the item’s Thingiverse thing page. Click it to set up a 3D Hubs account, choose a location, and order a 3D print of the item.

-Arian Croft (dutchmogul), the creator of Pocket-Tactics and co-founder of Ill Gotten Games, is a prolific and popular 3D designer with hundreds of designs on Thingiverse.

-Quincy Robinson (3DKitBash) is a toy industry professional with a history of award-winning and noteworthy innovations that cater to Fortune 500 companies.

-Isaac Budmen (ibudmen) is author of The Book on 3D Printing and is a designer of sculptures, mechanical parts, and amazing architectural designs.

-Walter Hsiao (walter) is a prolific 3D designer who specializes in parts and accessories for everyday living.

-Nervous System designs an assortment of jewelry, art, and housewares inspired by science.

-Simplus Design creates beautiful 3D printed housewares designed by founders Sebastian Misiurek and Arianna Lebed.

-Laura Taalman (mathgrrl) is a professor, mathematician, blogger, and maker who 3D printed something every day for a year.

-Bold Machines, created by MakerBot co-founder Bre Pettis, partners with innovators to explore new approaches to industrial and personal applications, as well as fabrication through 3D printing.


No Printer? No Problem.
With over 1,800 MakerBot 3D Printers around the world registered on 3D Hubs, it shouldn’t be hard to find a Hub near you ready to take your order. Hubs offer different methods for getting you a finished print, from pickup to shipping options. Visit the 3D Hubs website to look for the closest Hub.

Giving Credit Where It’s Due
And when you order, you have the option of tipping the designer who made the item to show your appreciation (and reward their genius). Suggested amounts will be shown on the thing page.


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Thingiverse Groups 1.1 | Updated Based On Your Feedback


When we launched the Thingiverse Groups feature, we knew it was the beginning of something great. To make it even better, we needed to hear from you with suggestions and feedback. So we offered up a survey, and after sifting through the results, we’ve made some highly requested improvements.

Searching and Sorting
One of the most common requests we received involved updating the searching and sorting function. Groups 1.1 has a more accessible search bar and now scans Group descriptions as well as titles, expanding your results. You can sort by groups, and when creating a group, similar names are suggested to avoid creating duplicates.

More for Group Owners
Another suggestion we received from users of Groups was more administration ability for the Group owner. Our latest update means owners can now edit topic thread titles and group names, as well as delete groups that don’t contain any members or topics.

Get Social
Many users wanted easier access to social networks like Twitter. We heard you loud and clear. Groups 1.1 supports Twitter cards, allowing for direct Group URL sharing.

We’re constantly iterating on Thingiverse Groups, and future innovations are on the horizon, including improved categorization and multiple group owners. Be sure to send us your feedback often. We can’t wait to see what you make.

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Thingiverse | Countertop Challenge

3834 GE Challenge Banner_800 x 443px

Some people look at space and appreciate the emptiness; we look at space and see a blank canvas, awaiting inspiration. That’s where you come in.

We’re collaborating with FirstBuild to introduce the MakerBot Thingiverse FirstBuild Countertop Challenge. And we’re asking you to help fill in the empty space on your kitchen countertop.  The possibilities are endless.

To qualify, designs must be uploaded to both Thingiverse and between February 26th and March 14th, 2015, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Make sure to use the hashtag #CountertopChallenge. Winners will be announced on April 20th, 2015.

Make sure to read all the Official Rules here.



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Thingiverse | Swap Ideas and Models with Thingiverse Groups

Groups image

One of the most vibrant parts of the MakerBot 3D Ecosystem is Thingiverse, the 3D design community for discovering, printing, or sharing over 500,000 free 3D models.

Today, we’re unveiling a new way to explore this community of innovators.

Our new Thingiverse Groups feature allows you to join and create groups around specific topics or types of designs, start conversations, and share Things with your fellow community members. We’ve made it super easy to create groups, search for the newest or most popular groups, and upload your designs.

Check out Groups under the Explore section of Thingiverse.


There are already a few groups to choose from, but a good place to start is the My First Make group, where you can share your first 3D printing experience. Can’t find a group that fits your interests? Start one of your own. In a community as vast as Thingiverse, chances are there are others out there who share your passions. Find your people!

As always, we’ll be iterating and improving this new feature based on your feedback. Head over to Groups Feedback and let your voice be heard.


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MakerBot Digital Store | A Jurassic Giant Returns

Download the Stegosaurus Skeleton at the MakerBot Digital Store!

This intricate, 3D printable Stegosaurus Skeleton was created by our talented in-house designers as a companion to the MakerBot T-Rex Skeleton model, and makes a great tool for paleontological learning.

Download the Stegosaurus Skeleton now at the MakerBot Digital Store.

Recreating A Remarkable Reptile
To create the complex and realistic Stegosaurus Skeleton model, our designers visited the American Museum of Natural History in New York City to take photos and study the anatomical details of actual Stegosaurus fossils. Back at the studio, they worked to bring the skeleton to life in 3D by creating 3D renders of the skeleton, scaling the model down, and making sure it was reliably 3D printable. Once it was ready, they broke the design apart into multiple pieces to print on MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer build plates.

Perfect For The Classroom
Discover the unique anatomy of the Stegosaurus from the claws up when you print your own from the MakerBot Digital Store on your MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer. Include this model in your Biology or Geology lessons to incorporate physical manipulatives in your instruction while you introduce students to the basics of 3D printing.

Prehistoric Flair For Your Lair
Download this 3D print-ready file for an educational, fun, and interactive addition to your classroom, office, or home collection. Assembly is required for a full model, but all pieces easily snap together. Use MakerBot Warm Gray, True Brown, and Army Green PLA Filaments to create the model pictured below.

Download the free Stegosaurus Footprint at MakerBot Thingiverse!

Download the entire Stegosaurus skeleton from the MakerBot Digital Store, or get our impressive Stegosaurus Footprint on MakerBot Thingiverse.

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Thingiverse | MakerBot Ghostly Vinyl Challenge


Ghostly International is a record label, design house, and technology innovator that provides works of high quality, integrity, and individuality. We’re excited to have Ghostly — and their keen eye for design — join us in presenting the MakerBot Ghostly Vinyl Challenge.

Using vinyl records and turntables as a starting point, we invite you to use your design skills to create novel objects that will delight record collectors, music lovers, and audiophiles alike. Specifically, we’re looking for things to decorate, augment, or personalize your records and stereo systems.

Just upload your designs to Thingiverse with the tag #GhostlyVinyl before November 30th at 11:59PM EST. Entries must be tagged #GhostlyVinyl to be considered.

A panel of MakerBot and Ghostly employees will judge entries on creativity and printability and winners will be announced on December 15th. The first-prize winner will receive Ghostly’s 2014 full length vinyl catalog and a MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer.

Make sure to read all the Official Rules here.

For further inspiration, download Ghostly’s Music For Makers compilation.

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Thingiverse | MakerBot Modio Challenge Winners


The wait is over.

After watching an amazing parade of entries roll in, we’re happy to announce that we’ve picked our winners for the #ModioChallenge.

While we’re never surprised by the ingenuity of the Thingiverse community, we were particularly blown away by the results of this challenge. The Modio app inspired the Thingiverse community to remix Modio models, create their own, and even imagine their own worlds. It incorporated newly designed parts like chess pieces, fur coats, and boxing gloves and led to ideas that were surely surprising even to the imaginative people who created the app.

All participants deserve a round of applause for their hard work and creativity. Now, onto the results:


And the winners are…

First prize goes to ibudmen’s Modio Lamp. The illuminating design takes Modio components to a completely new place and even allows for personalized versions by incorporating a Customizer.

Second prize goes to bobtato’s Jeff: The World’s Most Powerful Centaur. The mythological design incorporates newly designed horse parts and a cape.

Third prize goes to SIMPAD17’s Omnis Terra. This new “Guardian of the Land of Modioworld” design incorporates unique components and is part of a series of models and a whole creative myth of its own.

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Thingiverse | MakerBot Thingiverse Make-a-Thon


We are excited to host our second annual MakerBot Thingiverse get together at our HQ in Brooklyn, New York, November 15th and 16th.

Register now

The Design Side of 3D Printing
This year’s Make-a-Thon is concentrated on the design side of 3D printing. Come attend workshops and presentations from our MakerBot Studio and MakerBot Learning teams, as well as from some of our Thingiverse community members

Here are a few of the planned sessions:
–Getting started with 3D Printing
–From Concept to Digital Store Model with Solidworks & ZBrush
–OpenSCAD Crash Course for Customizable Designs
–Parametric Modeling with Rhino featuring SimplusDesign
–Rapid prototyping of 3D design apps with Three.js
–Advanced 3D Printing techniques with custom profiles

Participate in a weekend design challenge, get feedback and 3D design tips from our resident experts, 3D print your designs in our BotFarm, score swag from our MakerBot giveaways — and more!

Register Now
Space is limited for this free event and we expect spaces to go fast, so register now

We can’t wait to see what you make!

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Thingiverse | MakerBot Modio Challenge


Modio, the iPad app that lets you design and customize your own characters for 3D printing is now available on the iPhone, too. In celebration of this exciting news, we’re partnering with Modio to present the MakerBot Modio Challenge.

For the challenge, we want you to remix and reimagine Modio designs. Build, modify, invent, paint – anything goes!

Just upload your designs to Thingiverse with the tag #ModioChallenge before Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 11:59PM EST. Entries must be tagged #ModioChallenge to be considered and will be judged by a panel of MakerBot and Modio employees on creativity and printability.

We can’t wait to see what you make!

Read the complete Official Contest Rules.

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Thingiverse | Mars Base Challenge Winners

MakerBot Mars Base Challenge Results

We were pleased to receive a good number of #MakerBotMars challenge entries almost as soon as we announced it. But then, on the last day of the challenge, we were completely blown away as we watched the number of entries double, leaving us with loads of fascinating text to read, diagrams to analyze, and creative designs to print.

Many entries went above and beyond the stated scope of the challenge, expanding into small worlds with many individual pieces. It was an embarrassment of 3D printed riches. The enthusiasm behind the contributions was palpable, and inspiring.

Once we finished our test prints, we sent the results to our friends at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who used their expert knowledge and experience to help choose the winners. We’re happy to say that we fully agree with their input and we’re excited to award all of our winners with spools of MakerBot Filament and to give our first place winner a brand new MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer!

All participants deserve a round of applause for their hard work. And now, onto the winners:

First Place - The Queen B by Noah Hornberger

First prize goes to NoahHornberger’s Queen B (Bioshielding) 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Mars Apartment. The design takes on the harsh Mars climate without sacrificing comfort. According to Noah, the unique hexagonal design minimizes the exposed surface area, making Queen B easy to build, replicate, and maintain on Mars.

Second and Third Place

Second prize goes to Valcrow’s Martian Pyramid.  The pyramid design focuses on multi-function systems that ensure limited resources are never wasted and produces energy from a mirror-based solar collector.

Third prize goes to Cstarrman’s Mars Acropolis. It has a futuristic architectural design inspired by the ancient Greek Acropolis. The three tiered structure serves as a mass research facility, allowing visitors to explore and develop means for additional colonization of the planet.


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