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Special Offers | A Summer Bundle You Can’t Miss

MakerBot Replicator + MakerBot Z18
With this great MakerBot 3D Printer bundle, you don’t have to choose between rapid prototyping and massive build volume.

Use the MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer for efficient, high definition models, while working with the MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D Printer to create larger, more complex designs that may have a longer print time.

Each printer is powered by the new, user-friendly MakerBot Replicator 3D Printing platform and features the MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruder, an on-board camera, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The only thing better than two MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers is the money you’ll save when you buy them together. Pair the MakerBot Replicator with the MakerBot Replicator Z18, and we’ll take $400 off your purchase. Now that’s huge.


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MakerBot Digitizer | Limited Time Holiday Discount


Save Big Till the New Year
The MakerBot Digitizer is an amazing tool that quickly turns things in your world into 3D models you can modify, improve, share, and 3D print.  When you order one from now until December 31st, you’ll get it for only $949. That’s a savings of over $450 from the usual retail price of $1400.

This deal extends to the Complete Desktop Bundle too, which includes:

— One MakerBot® Replicator® 2 Desktop 3D Printer
— One MakerBot Digitizer
— Two spools of MakerBot® PLA Filament
— MakerBot® MakerCare™

Buying each item separately would cost you $4,213. This holiday discount reduces it to $3,162, which is a total savings of $1051!

Don’t Miss Out
This is a perfect opportunity to start 3D scanning with the MakerBot Digitizer at a fraction of its regular retail price. Take advantage of this holiday discount, and start showing off the cool things you can create—right on your desktop.

We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. Happy Scanning!

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Holiday Super Sale on Awesome DIY Gift Items

"It's a Through-Hole Christmas, Charlie Brown!

As we close out 2011, we are offering big close-out discounts on well known kits from Sparkfun, Adafruit, Jimmie P. Rodgers, Evil Mad Science and more! We’ve cut prices 20-50% off list; these items are awesome gifts for for all your DIY stocking stuffers. From Multimeter kits to musical instruments, we have great soldering projects or the pièce de résistance for holiday mischief!

Check out the MakerBot Store’s Accessories section for the complete selection! These items are shipping same-day for hyper-fast delivery time. You aren’t too late to save money and still stuff the gift boxes of your loved ones, or favorite geek next door!

Naturally, we suggest overdoing it on the LED themed holiday party decor. Start with these holiday classics.

Sparkfun’s It’s a Through Hole Christmas, Charlie Brown
Evil Mad Science LED Menorah
Jimmie P. Rodgers Open Heart

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Announcing MakerBot Projects: Remote Control Cars, Dynamos and a Windup Robotic Posse.

Buy all 3 of the brand new MakerBot Projects today and drive your own 3D printed RC car, generate electricity, and conquer the world with your windup robots!

Today we’re launching MakerBot Projects with 3 fun projects. The MakerBot Wind Up Walkers, The MakerBot Dynamo, and the MakerBot Botmobile Remote Control Car. (Store Link)

MakerBot projects is an ongoing collection of kits to make everything in your world with your MakerBot printer. We’re on a mission to give every MakerBot owner the parts and instructions for making everything in their lives.

The MakerBot Botmobile is the first open source remote control car. MakerBot’s own designer Michael Curry, took everything he learned from creating the Turtle Shell Racers which were featured on the track at Maker Faire, and created the Botmobile kit. All you need to do is get the kit, print out the parts from thingiverse and you’ll have your own RC car. It’s got a great 12 volt motor, a 2 channel radio controller, a tiny servo for steering, rubber racing tires; all rolled into a a ready-to-go kit. The BotMobile kit requires no soldering, all the parts snap together – It really is a perfect weekend project. The body design is a slick dune buggy – and it’s already on thingiverse (link), ready to be printed. You want to change it or customize it? The design files are open source and are ready for you to turn it into a hot rod.

The MakerBot Dynamo is a wonderful project that shows how hand motion is converted into electrical energy. The kit comes with a toy motor, 3 metal screws and 3 large bright LEDs – you print the big gears and a handle on your MakerBot (thingiverse link). Simply put it all together following our assembly instructions to make a simple science project that showcases some basic principles of engineering and energy production. We can’t keep our hands off this thing at the office, and have put in 100s of hours of electricity generation while fidgeting in meetings.

The MakerBot Windup Walker was inspired when Bre declared: “everything on Thingiverse should be able to walk”. The Windup walker pack comes with 5 barebones windup feet, ready to start walking. They’re cool, but they’re mostly soulless and require your creativity to bring them to life. Need a robotic posse? Fire up the MakerBot and start printing them out! Elliot Cohen here at MakerBot modified R.Maker for you to get started (thingiverse link), but we expect a flurry of windup walker designs to start popping up on thingiverse as soon as you start designing the next greatest wind up toy.

Today and through end of day Monday we are offering a limited time special deal. Buy the Botmobile and the Dynamo, and get the windup walkers for free (Store Link) – We know you’ll like them as much as we do!


John D.

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Extreme One-Time Discount For Twenty Custom-Assembled Thing-O-Matics

MakerBot Investor and board member Brad Feld dived into MakerBot in a big way quite recently.1 As a little pre-World Maker Faire treat he has just put up twenty Custom-Assembled Thing-O-Matics on his deals site Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals.

You know that “yell-and-sell” technique on the late night infomercials where a booming voice intones “Act now, Quantities Extremely Limited”? Well, there’s a ring of truth to this kind of thing: we will not be offering this deal in our store and if the high demand for our staff-built Custom-Assembled bots so far is any guide, these twenty will be sold before the day is out.

So…act now! What are you waiting for! This offer won’t come again! There has never been a better time …! Yup, all quite true: jump to Brad’s site and take advantage of his generosity!

NOTE: The four week lead time for production of the Custom-Assembled Thing-O-Matics still applies!

  1. And check out the Foundry coins he made on Thingiverse while getting to know our bots! []
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Introducing the MakerBot Gen 4 Interface Board Kit v1.1!

The MakerBot Gen 4 Interface Board Kit!

Today we are happy to announce a new product in the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic line, our new MakerBot Gen 4 Interface Board Kit v1.1! This is a fun DIY Interface that allows your to operate your Thing-O-Matic independently, without the use of a computer! So you can pop in your SD card into the Generation 4 Electronics, and regulate, operate, and print from your machine by this interface alone.

With the great set of programmable buttons and LCD interface, you can turn this hackable board into an control surface for almost anything as well! We are using it in-house here and are really pleased with the live feedback it provides during a build- monitor temperature, percent completion, and view files on the SD card are all available. Plus manual jog control of the stages, and extra assignable switches are available for new inventive uses.

It’s a fun soldering kit as well, and the complete through-hole construction makes the level of difficulty appropriate for even beginner kit-builders. This kit is open source, so you can use it to control anything you build, even your robots, or homebrew CNC device. Advanced users can match it with our Gen 4 electronics kit and use it to control any machine they can design with our electronics. It’s flexible, open, and provides programmable feedback depending on your application.

A Thing-O-Matic warming up in Monitor Mode

We are installing a group of these on the BotFarm™, so we can quickly fire up builds and monitor progress on multiple machines without needing computers attached. It truly turns the Thing-O-Matic into a standalone 3D Printer that just needs a power cord, and your files on SD card to operate. Awesome! The lasercut wood body includes tabs so the MakerBot Gen 4 Interface Board can hang nicely from the top or side of your Bot.

Check out the store page and buy the MakerBot Gen 4 Interface Board Kit v1.1 now!

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Friends of MakerBot Operators Discount!

Missed the holiday gift-giving and want to make it up to that special someone?
Do you have a friend that deserves this awesome machine?

Share the love of 3D printing by extending this “friends of Makerbot operators” exclusive time-limited offer to the friends, family, coworkers, students, and fellow creation enthusiasts in your life.

Forward this link and tell them to use the coupon code “MAKERBOTFRIEND” so they can pick up a Makerbot Cupcake Ultimate kit for just $697—everything needed to turn their desktop into a thing-generating factory.

That’s a whopping $202 savings on your friends’ very first MakerBot—they’ll thank you forever, and who knows, maybe they’ll even share their special creations with you!

This is just a limited time offer good just for friends of MakerBot operators until 11:59 PM January 5th, 2011.

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Finance with Affirm

How does Affirm work?

Buy now with Affirm and pay over time. It’s simple financing that fits your life.

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Pay over time with Affirm and split your purchase into 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments. Rates from 10-30% APR.

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