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Award-Winning Artist In Extended Residency At Museum Of Art And Design

Yesterday morning, the Space Shuttle Discovery made its last flight over Washington, DC before settling into its permanent home within the Smithsonian.

In anticipation of the end of the shuttle era, our friend Micah Ganske designed a beautiful 3D-printed piece in which the space craft is conspicuous in its absence. Now Micah’s innovative work will be on display, along with Micah, at the Museum of Art and Design in Manhattan.

Micah will be participating in a residency at MAD every Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., now until August 24. On the top floor, in the Open Studios space, you’ll find Micah — the resident Singularity Evangelist — demonstrating a MakerBot Replicator and talking about his process in creating 3D printed art.


Micah writes in his profile at the MAD website:

I am a conceptual figurative artist.  Like any conceptual art, conceptual figuration begins with the ideas the artist wishes to impart onto the viewer.  Where it diverges from non-figuration is how the viewer responds to seeing the depiction of figures.  The viewer, being by a matter of course, also a figure, is made complicit and in turn necessary to the success and conceptual completion of the piece.  A figure establishes an immediate connection with the viewer, as it is a vessel for the viewer’s own psychological projections as well as a window for the artist to project ideas onto the viewer.   Paintings of mine that do not feature a literal figure typically invite the viewer in as the missing element of the work.

Our technology-driven culture’s relationship to the natural is the dominant theme in my work.  This subject is close to me because I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, yet spent most of my time indoors with my computer.  A large part of my work is trying to understand the complex and often conflicted ways we respond to our environment.  The tourist’s communion with nature is a fascinating modern pilgrimage that reoccurs in my work because it’s one of the only times we, as a city-centric people, make a point to get outside.  Once we’re there, however, we choose to mediate the whole experience with electronics through picture taking and status updates to our social networking site of choice.”

Whether you’re a New Yorker, or just visiting the city sometime this summer, this is a great addition to your itinerary. If you need  more information, visit the Museum of Art and Design Open Studios page.

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Friday Night, All Right, It’s minusbaby!

minusbaby recording sounds of the Replicator for future performance at MakerBot

Future MakerBot Artist-in-Resident minusbaby came to MakerBot’s BotFarm this past week to collect and record sounds from The MakerBot Replicator.   Although different from MakerBot’s Cupcake and Thing-O-matic, The Replicator has its own unique style and tone.  Minusbaby will be exploring its musical potential through a performance later this summer involving other musicans and musical MakerBots. Some booty shaking to be had.

From his bio:

Richard Alexander Caraballo  began his minusbaby project in 1999 to explore the diversity of a lo-fi, compositional aesthetic and has since progressed experimentally in its scope to include elements guided by those roots and a sonic language representative of his influences, namely: the art of bass and how it moves asses.

In addition to music, he is a prolific pixel artist who, since 1999, has been largely responsible for defining the unique aesthetics of the modern 8-bit creative movement. Spearheading the visual identities for 8bitpeoplesPulsewave and Blip Festival has contributed to making his work ubiquitous to the public’s perception of chip music and art. His work, which he has referred to as, “a practice in primitivism, but mostly a stab at trying to continue several traditions at once,” is often guided by a central idea meant to be triumphed by the individual.

And to hear a sliver of “a diamond still in the rough (sparkly but rough)” cut of Minusbaby’s recording, click here.


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What the Press are Saying About Asher Levine + MakerBot

The press are weighing in on MakerBot’s NYFW collaboration with Asher Levine…

CNN’s Laurie Segall says “3D printed glasses are Fashion Week’s hottest accessory” – Read the article

MTV Style exclaims “Yay, 3D printing for everyone!” – Read the article

BlackBook Magazine calls The Replicator a “highlight of the show” – Read the article ponders, “Can 3-D printers revolutionize fashion?” – Read the article

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Videos from Asher Levine and MakerBot’s Fashion Week NY Collaboration

You’ve seen the photos from fashion designer Asher Levine’s Fashion Week NY presentation, now you can watch the video (above, shot by Matt Schaff). It’s almost like you were there!

MakerBot’s latest artist in residence showed off his Fall/Winter 2012 collection, including those awesome sunglasses printed on the MakerBot Replicator, at Jefferson Market Library last Friday. We weren’t lying when we said The Replicators were hired as models for the show!

Levine also created a short promo film for the collection, shot by director and photographer, Bon Duke, which you can view below. Who knew a MakerBot could look so glamorous?

Check back later this week for Asher Levine’s page on Thingiverse where you’ll be able download and print your own designer sunglasses!

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