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The #MakerMilestones Giveaway

2016-04-13 (1)

In gratitude to our customers and community for helping us reach the milestone of selling 100,000 MakerBot printers, we have some special Spring plans! We dropped the price of the MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer (5th Gen) to $2499 and launched a giveaway on social media to share in the celebration!

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Milestones: Celebrating Lives Touched by MakerBot


There’s something bigger and more important than 3D printers at the heart of MakerBot’s 100K milestone. It’s the thousands upon thousands of milestones others have achieved by aspiring to make things better through 3D printing. Amazingly better.

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MakerBot Announces Winners of MakerEd Challenge


The MakerEd Challenge asked Thingiverse users to consider future designers and create projects that educators could bring to their classrooms. After more than 785 submissions, The Fillet Gauge design was selected as the winner of Makerbot Thingiverse MakerEd Challenge. Fillet gauges are used to measure curves on objects, like the edge of a phone case for example. In the original post the designer writes that the Fillet Gauge project is perfect for students who are beginning to use more advanced modeling software. This design can help teachers explain to students why fillets gauges are useful and will help students learn more advanced designs.

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MakerBot Reaches Milestone: 100,000 3D Printers Sold Worldwide

2016-04-04 100K

Today, we’ve set a new record in 3D printing with more than 100,000 3D printers sold worldwide. By providing the most accessible, easy-to-use 3D printing experience, MakerBot is the first company in the 3D printing industry to reach this important milestone.

“Being the first company to have sold 100,000 3D printers is a major milestone for MakerBot and the entire industry,” said Jonathan Jaglom, CEO at MakerBot. “MakerBot has made 3D printing more accessible and today is empowering businesses and educators to redefine what’s possible. What was once a product used only by makers and hobbyists has matured significantly and become an indispensible tool that is changing the way students learn and businesses innovate.”

To celebrate, we’re launching the #MakerMilestones social media contest and reducing the price of our MakerBot Replicator® Desktop 3D Printer to $2,499 for a limited time.

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PS 15 Advances Project-Based Learning with MakerBot


If you were to spend a day in any classroom, you’d know how hard it is to keep students engaged and interested. The teachers at Red Hook’s Patrick F. Daly School of the Arts are dedicated to reinforcing lessons and concepts through academic projects that are creative and multi-dimensional. Through the federally-funded Magnet Grant, STEM educator Jenna Utter was able to make projects more dynamic, interactive, and enjoyable for her students with 3D printing.

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How the Alien Suit in Colony Was 3D Printed on a MakerBot Replicator Z18


We’re all under the rule of extra-terrestrial invaders in USA Networks’ new sci-fi drama, Colony. Mysteriously unseen, they’ve surrounded cities across the globe with giant walls and employ a military regime of humans to brutally govern mankind. As the plot unfolds in Los Angeles within the near future, you’re left wondering who or what is behind it.

For the finale of the first season, we moved one step closer to finding out. What we saw seemed almost too real: a chiseled, tech-smart exoskeleton, a helmet fit for an oblong head, a menacing pitch-black visor, and underneath, the alien itself.

What you didn’t see —or would ever suspect— is that most of the exoskeleton was 3D printed on a MakerBot Replicator Z18 at Legacy Effects Studios.

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Back to the Future: The Making of the MakerBot Smart Extruder+


Forget a crystal ball, palm reading, or tarot cards. To see what’s on the horizon for desktop 3D printing, consider the past. In a recent interview with Actionable Intelligence, MakerBot’s CEO Jonathan Jaglom compared desktop 3D printing now to what he saw 10 years ago in industrial 3D printing at Stratasys.

Though rapid prototyping was new then, customers sought more sophisticated 3D printing materials and features as their skills with the equipment developed. Jaglom finds that we are at a similar tipping point today: “As adoption gains momentum, designers and engineers are coming back to us and asking for more.” So what’s this have to do with the Smart Extruder+?

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NEW THINGS! MakerBot and Syfy Announce Fresh Designs for New Series


At Comic-Con last week, Syfy announced an expansion of their successful partnership with MakerBot by publishing a new line of exclusive 3D models from the network’s original series 12 Monkeys, The Magicians, Hunters, Killjoys and Dark Matter. The new designs will include the 12 Monkeys iconic time machine and an alien skull from Hunters, a new thriller from executive producers Gale Anne Hurd (“The Walking Dead”) and Natalie Chaidez (“Heroes”). Printable files are available on Syfy’s page on Thingiverse, and the network will launch additional show-inspired models on Thingiverse in the coming weeks.

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Thingiverse Creative Commons Licenses Explained

Happy Face ScreenshotHappy Face (New Face!) by loubie

Three weeks ago, we discussed a case of an eBay seller here on our blog who was violating the rights of several Thingiverse users. The seller was offering prints of Thingiverse designs on eBay while completely ignoring the licenses our users attached to these designs. The Thingiverse community rallied behind this cause and well-known designer Loubie created a Sad Face that quickly became a symbol for this controversy, garnering more than 850 comments. In the spirit of Thingiverse, many users iterated on the design and uploaded their own versions to show their support. Since then, the eBay seller has taken down their store and we’re happy to see that the Sad Face is now a Happy Face! Read the rest of this entry »

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4 Fun Clover Facts About St. Patrick’s Day!


Create your own luck this St. Patrick’s Day with MakerBot! Celebrate by making 3D-printed charms that embody the true spirit of holiday cheer. We’ve compiled a quick list of four St. Patrick’s Day facts to help you decide which prints are most suited for your celebration. Learn more about St. Patrick’s Day and how you can enjoy this exciting time with these holiday-themed 3D prints.

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