Go Right Ahead: Make The Hives In 3D!

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There are some rockin new Citizens of Thingiverse: The Hives! Read below to hear why we think this is cool, but for now here’s the skinny.

This Swedish band has been making energetic, makes-you-jump-around rock music (yes, the first sentence was a pun) since 1993, and in many people’s view keeping rock music alive. When the guys took some time out of their crazy schedule to visit our headquarters in Brooklyn, we did not miss the opportunity to scan their heads and upload them to Thingiverse.

The amazing people at Baeble Music documented the whole thing on their site and in the video below, which is basically a day in the life with The Hives. Enjoy the whole interview or jump to the 9:40 mark to see the MakerBot section. It’s a little sped up, yes, but the scanning really is that simple. We do a lot of this at our office and on the road because all we need to bring is a laptop, a Microsoft Kinect, and a spinny chair. Check here for more info about this method of scanning people’s heads.


On their brand new Thingiverse page, just launched today, these world famous rockstars have shared their heads with you to use them as you please. And if you’re a big fan, remember that our Todd Blatt also uploaded a Hives version of one of his sweet custom guitar picks! Find it here.

To reiterate how cool this is: this is super cool. The Hives have listed all of their upcoming tour dates on their Thingiverse page, and now you can download scans of the guys themselves before you go to a show. Maybe you’ll turn the scans into a set of Pez dispensers, or keychains, or some other brilliant thing to show off to other concert goers. Maybe you’ll be the first to make these scans into dualstrusion files, so you can showcase this band in their trademark black-and-white getups.

Stay tuned for more sweet Thingiverse action from The Hives!


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  • Dust
    August 1, 2012 at 7:28 am

    “Check here for more info about this method of scanning people’s heads” just least to this same page!

    • Andrew
      August 1, 2012 at 9:35 am

      Sorry, that was confusing. It actually linked to all the blog posts tagged “ReconstructMe”, but now I’ve linked it directly to the website for that program.

  • Christoph Heindl
    August 5, 2012 at 3:57 am

    Great, thanks for sharing! How long did it take to generate the scans (with and without cleanup) ?


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