A Great Instructional Video For MakerBotters!

Our video department here at MakerBot does a bunch of videos and tutorial work. But you better believe we are all about other helpful tips and tricks from users around the world.

The good people at PixilTV have offered up another useful video, and this time, “it’s all about the MakerBot.” This is great stuff! Watch the vid for some helpful hints on printing, but do have a look at their other stuff, too, below the fold.



This is some helpful stuff, and we’re thrilled to see it! If you’re looking for some more in depth assistance, remember to visit our Support Page and subscribe to our videos.

Our videos tend to be about MakerBots, but PixilTV puts out instructionals on a wide range of topics, such as making dubstep on your iPhone and pollinating carnivorous plants. And on that note, some of the guys behind PixilTV are also creating some fantastic MakerBotted planters, on display at Plantiis. Here are a couple from the video host, @ecken, who is now on Thingiverse. These are exceptional! We’ll be sure to check in with them again next week, leading up to Earth Day.

Nepenthes Planter by ecken

Evil Face Planter by ecken











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  • Joe Larson
    April 11, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    He mentioned a couple of things like manually editing out the lead in the gcode “every time”. I’ve also seen a couple of things on profile settings that are also recomended for “every time. How soon before these are the default options that ship with ReplicatorG?

  • tetnum
    April 12, 2012 at 10:33 am

    Joe those settings are in the start gcode which should be located,


    THIS MAY BE DIFFERENT I use repg 24

    I notice that lots of people are told to edit the start gcode by the gcode tab after generating a tool path, for testing new settings this is great, but here is how you actually modify the start gcode to save sanity.

    “start.gcode” right click open with notepad

    change whatever you need to change

    save as “start.gcode”


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