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Here is a lovely morning treat for you: The Engineer vs. Designer-MakerBot challenge has ended and the winners have been named! Find out here!

The contest called for a upload an “ironic, backward, cynical, or comically self-defeating 3D designs in watertight stl format,” and indeed brought out some of the most creative Things on Thingiverse of any competition we’ve been a part of.

At stake were a Makerbot Replicator, a one-year Cadjunkie Pro Membership, and an EvD Tshirt!

The gents at EvD have a special edition podcast up today that you must listen to! The very enjoyable 26 minutes features Al Dean of Develop3D Magazine who said the competition saw submissions that he “not only want[s] but need[s] and lust[s] after.”

After reviewing all the 183 (one hundred eighty three!) submissions that cadjunkie’s Adam O’Hern said primarily sought to “insult, denigrate, damage and destroy” iPhones,’s Josh Mings says he was overjoyed with the members of Thingiverse for having “more wit and sarcasm than any community I know.”

Without any further ado, please direct your ears to Episode 33 of ENGINEERvs.DESIGNER, where you will hear all the hilarious highlights of the contest and an interview with the winner!


UPDATE! The judges announced in the podcast that the winner of this contest was Thingiverse user aubenc, for his perfectly-executed design iFlail! The description says it’s a perfect accessory, if you’re into medieval war. Plus, as aubenc notes, “you will most probably have no pockets in your armor.” Genius.

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    March 27, 2012 at 10:40 pm

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  • Jose
    March 28, 2012 at 3:42 am


    Could you make a serious competition? Just one from time to time.

    I mean, I like to live somewhat in crazy ways but it seems like there is no space for serious stuff in all the contest. As they say in the podcast “useful things are immediately disqualified”.

    Could you create a competition in witch you have to deliver something useful with the Makerbot AND then it could be crazy, or funny or whatever.

    Richard Feynman was totally crazy, and funny but he deliver very useful stuff.

    This reminds me when a friend do a stupid thing that is funny and everyone else laugh and then everybody starts doing stupid things copying the first and is not funny anymore, because that is not the point.

    There is also boring guys(they can’t help it) out there that are genius making serious stuff, and you are isolating and marginalizing them, as if they are not part of the community.

    This way the Makerbot looks much more like a expensive toy than as a serious tool.

  • Bob
    April 6, 2012 at 10:55 am

    Like Jose above the results of this contest just kinda frustrated me. Not just because “useful things are immediately disqualified”, tho for that too. For me the biggest problem was that first prize went to someone who already had a makerbot so they could iterate their design and post cool pictures and find out what works. I would think anyone with a makerbot is automatically disqualified.

    I contests like these and particular the results do a disservice to the makerbot community. These contests should be putting makerbots in the hands of people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have one, not giving free upgrades to those who already do have one. That way the community grows in ways it otherwise wouldn’t.

  • aubenc
    April 9, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    @Jose & @Bob

    I won this contest and I know that I’d better keep my mouth shout but I feel like I have to reply to your comments. I will not discuss your arguments/thoughts… the rules are there and I think they are clear.

    Not being an engineer, just a worker since I was 12 (yes, 12), winning this contest has been one of the most incrediby awesome experiencies I’ve been though.

    Now that we talk about it… sometimes I feel like people @ Makerbot think quite the same than you. There were other entries featured and this blog post just links to EvD’s podcast but no names are mentioned. Just feelings.


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