Holy Crab! Hermit Crab in Printed Shell!

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Hermit Crab in 3D Printed Shell
A picture is worth a thousand words – here are a few more…

Kendall, one of the five “sisters” living at the Shellter West crabitat, seems happy in her Project Shellter shell. She’s one of two crabs sporting printed Oxystele sinesis shells in the crabitat.

Here she is adopting it for the first time:

YouTube Preview Image

Follow, share and contribute to help save hermit crabs by keeping natural shells in the wild! Use the hashtag #shellter or the shellter tag to let others know you are participating in this crowd-sourced science experiment!:

Tip o’ the hat to Greg at Dropcam for the “Holy Crab!”

This guest post is part of Project Shellter

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  • Josh Blackwell
    December 4, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Hello, I’m carrying out a dissertation piece on hermit crabs at the moment and was thinking about using 3D artificial shells to test patterns of selection with crabs from different shores. By changing the weight of the shell I hope to show a correlation between selection of heavier shells and wave exposure. Using artificial shells will enable me to control other variables more than natural shells.
    Anyway I happened to type in artificial shells and hermit crabs on Google and came across your project! I think it’s a great idea! Didn’t know there was a shortage of shells!
    I was also wondering if you give me some insight and advice on the design/manufacture of the shells as I am a marine scientist and really have no expertise in this field and you guys seem to have come up with some great looking artificial shells! Can they be bought?

    Josh Blackwell


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