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I suppose “smoke and mirrors” isn’t exactly how this 3D effect is created – but it’s not entirely inaccurate either.  Using a combination of cold fog and a laser projector the makers of DisplAir can achieve a decent looking and interactive 3D projection system. 1 The implication I find the most interesting is the possibility of an interactive 3D display for use with 3D modelling.  Such a system would seem like it could be a very intuitive way for anyone to design 3d models.

Hat tip to SlashDot!

  1. Plus, I mean, c’mon!  They’re using frickin’ laser beams! []
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  • Joe Larson
    November 29, 2011 at 9:41 am

    I agree that a 3D interface would work wonders for modeling in 3D, but that’s not really 3D is it? It’s still flat. It’s basically a touch screen with a screen you can’t physically touch. I don’t see that being a boon myself. Touchscreens are already lacking in much needed tactile feedback, this takes even that little bit away.

    Cool, but worthless.


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