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Clip by J_Hodgie!

Clip by J_Hodgie

Clip by J_Hodgie

This simple clip by J_Hodgie is awesome in its elegance.  Three printed parts relying upon the elasticity of the plastic in which it is printed.  Strong enough to grip a small test print, small enough to be useful in a lot of situations, I could see this being a thing that gets printed and used a lot.

And the remix possibilities?  Forget about it!

  1. Incidentally, another favorite thing from today []
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MakerBot In The News – Bre and MakerBot on CNN!

Bre appeared on CNN’s “The Big I” this morning!

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Chris, Colorbroken


The only reason for this post is to kick the crawling nightmare that is the ModHex brainchild of moleofproduction off the front page.  The only way I could put it into the website was to include a quick hack which made it autoplay the sound that will accompany the apocalypse.

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