Lisbon Workshop Results

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These past two weeks, I’ve been honored to run an intensive MakerBot workshop in lovely Lisbon, Portugal. The goal was simple: build two MakerBots, and print print print print print. We achieved goal #1 over the course of two evenings. Grand total of about 8 hours for 10 people to build 2 makerbots. It was really awesome.

Of course that left us with 12 days in which to design, print, and learn all there is to learn about how to do 3D printing on a MakerBot. Many wonderful things were designed, printed, and shared with the world. In no particular order, I’d like to present some of the interesting results of the workshop

Radiohead’s Thom York
This one was done by Tiago Serra and turned out great. He also managed to get reblogged on a bunch of other sites too. Click the image to view the model on Thingiverse.

This piece, entitled ‘Experience’ by Sónia Moreira was a great bit of art and very interesting to hold in your hands. I believe this was her first time using 3D modeling tools and was made using Wings3D and Blender. Click the image to view the model on Thingiverse.

Servo Suspension System
This design was very cool and very practical. Created by Guilherme Martins, it is a servo mount with integrated suspension system intended for use in a robot. Very cool! Click the image to view the model on Thingiverse.

PS3 Eye Support
Another really nice, really practical item was this custom support for a camera. It was designed by Sergio Ferreira for use in an art installation involving ants (also really cool!) Click the image to view the model on Thingiverse.

Pink Panther Woman
Last, but not least, we have this provocative model by Pedro Januário who is a very talented 3D modeler. He did many interesting models, but this was by far the most impressive. While printing this piece, he shattered many records, most notably the Longest Print, clocking in at 4+ hours. Click the image to view the model on Thingiverse.

Of course there were many, many other things designed and printed during the course of the workshop, and these are just a sample of the cool stuff that was done. Congratulations to all the participants and keep on rocking the 3D world.

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