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MakerBot 3D Printed Products

We work closely with preferred vendors to quickly and reliably 3D print your products, models, or parts, up to 10,000 units.

Bring your brand to life with 3D printing.

Featured Projects

3D printed snowflakes for a special holiday display

For Saks Fifth Avenue’s annual holiday window display, we 3D printed a selection of unique snowflake ornaments designed by acclaimed graphic artist Marian Bantjes.

Ornate 3D printed snowflakes ready for Saks shoppers

Display at the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue store

Supplying a unique 3D print collection for the MoMa Design Store

The Museum of Modern Art invited us to design and 3D print 3,000+ New York City-themed models for sale online and in their stores as part of their Destination: Design series

City scenes captured in 3D miniature

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Adorable adaptations of Big Apple icons

Revving up Toyota’s presence at the New York International Auto Show

When Toyota showed off their flashy FT-1 concept car in New York City, we were there 3D printing scaled-down replicas as giveaways for visitors.

A digital render of the FT-1 used to make the 3D prints

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The FT-1 showing off its curves at the Toyota booth

Clients & Collaborators


  • What is MakerBot 3D Printed Products?

    MakerBot 3D Printed Products brings you rapid and affordable 3D printing of products, logos, giveaways, models, or parts. You can order as few as 50 units, or as many as 10,000.

    We work with a network of reliable and trusted partners to print your designs with a fast turnaround. Services include 3D printing, finishing & assembly, pick & pack, and shipping.

  • How does it work?

    When you request a quote, we’ll put you in touch with a preferred vendor to talk about the goals of your print job, the quantity you need, your design files, and your desired timeline.

  • How can MakerBot 3D Printed Products help my business?
    • Capitalize on the excitement of 3D printing.
    • Bring your innovative ideas and prototypes to life and market.
    • Showcase your brand through unique and customized 3D printed products for your marketing campaign or event.
    • Print short- to medium-run quantities faster and cheaper than other methods (like injection molding).
    • Expand your production capacity as needed.
    • Get high-quality, reliable, and convenient 3D printing with a fast turnaround.
    • Count on an affordable and predictable cost and fee structure.
  • How does 3D printing with PLA compare to injection molding?

    Injection molding typically takes a lot longer than 3D printing and isn’t cost–effective for smaller quantities. 3D printing with PLA filament, on the other hand, offers a fast, low-cost alternative for your 3D printed products in short- to medium-run quantities.

    Details such as sharp corners and edges print well with PLA and PLA printed objects will generally have a glossier look and feel and demonstrate less part warping and curling during 3D printing compared to plastics like ABS.

  • What colors are available?

    You can choose to 3D print your models in any MakerBot PLA Filament color. There are currently more than 30 colors and filament styles, including ones with special properties like Glow in the Dark, Translucent, and Sparkly.

  • Is there a minimum order requirement?

    Yes. To begin a project, you must order at least 50 units of the 3D printed object (that means 50 physical prints per file). We cannot accommodate one-off projects.

  • What does it cost?

    Every 3D print project is unique and is quoted individually. Your project quote depends on factors such the size of your 3D printed object, the number of prints you need, the complexity of your print, the timeline of your project, and any additional services provided.

  • How fast can I expect to see my project completed?

    Projects can often be completed in a matter of weeks because 3D printing is typically far faster than comparable production methods like injection molding. The specific timing of your print order depends on our capacity at the time of your order as well as the size and complexity of the order.

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